Reflections and My Top 10 Positions

Where should I start? Prior to March 20, I primarily invested in SG firms. My portfolio suffered a 40 percent decrease as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. I've been concentrating on the US market since May/June 20. As of March 21, my portfolio had broken even and had returned around 15%. But then "Bill Hwang" shows up, and my portfolio suffered a gunshot wound that can be recovered in a short period of time. However, I later became a Tencent and Baba shareholder. After that, we know what happened. My portfolio is currently severely in the red, with losses perhaps approaching 50%. Worse than the March 2020 decline. In this portfolio update, I'd like to reflect on the reasons for my portfolio's significant drop. After all, the most crucial aspect of being an investor is to evaluate and comprehend what may have been done better. 1. Lack of Focus on Financials It still makes sense based on the qualitative way I examined companies – by understanding their business, c

Digital Turbine (APPS): A Contrarian Investment During An Inflationary Period

As you may be aware, I had been contributing to Seeking Alpha . I just submitted another Digital Turbine (APPS) article to Seeking Alpha, less than two months after my first, and it was denied because a quarterly update was preferred or if there were major changes. As a result, because I had already written about it, I chose to put it here instead. I was writing about investing in APPS amid a period of inflation. It wasn't a forced narrative; rather, I did my homework and understood why Digital Turbine might thrive during this inflationary moment. As a result, I hope this article can help you strengthen your resolve during this trying time. Investment Thesis In my previous article , I had already explain that Digital Turbine (APPS) is a capital allocation machine that has a moat on an exponential growth path with numerous catalysts ahead. However, in this article, I will look at Digital Turbine as a extremely favorable investment during times of inflation. This may sound absurd, bu

uSMART, the platform that lets you invest smarter!

uSMART Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“uSMART”) is the latest low-cost online brokerage to arrive on the shores of our sunny island. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and backed by a strong group of shareholders, most notably the Chow Tai Fok group, one of Hong Kong's major conglomerates, uSMART has expanded its presence to Singapore. uSMART possesses a Capital Markets Services License and is an Exempt Financial Adviser supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). As such, all its activities and your funds within are regulated under strict conditions laid down by MAS. Having used this platform for slightly more than a month, uSMART have differentiated itself from the range of other offerings out there through these 3 main features. They are: A focus on learning content related to investing and trading SMART features Lowest fees (as of 20th April 2022) for trading SGX listed stocks among all brokerages Visually appealing clutter free user interface If you are a first-time

A Follow Up to "No Recession"

Short post. In my post on having " No Recession ", I mention that "Money is a flowing concept". However, there is an article lately on the drop in NFT Volume  in Mar 22 when compared against Jan 22. There were further information from TheBlockCrypto on the drop in NFT transactions and volume as shown in the graphs below. Graph taken from TheBlockCrypto Website So, since NFT transactions have decreased, does this imply that demand for alternative assets will decrease as well, potentially leading to a crash? Is it possible that a prospective recession is on the list if that's the case? In addition, where has the money gone? I will try to provide my opinions on the questions. 1. Will there be a crash in NFT? I don't think I'll be able to make any predictions in the near future. However, if one believes in the NFT's functionality, there is a good probability that prices will rebound in the future. 2. Will there be a Recession? I stand by what I said in

Do You Feel The Inflation Yet?

Have you experienced it yet? I'm not referring to reading them in articles. But the sense of it in your pocket and the realization that "I thought I had already made a cash withdrawal this week? Why has it all vanished so quickly? "kind of thought. For me, as a sole breadwinner by choice , I do felt it.  Inflation appears to be spreading throughout the country; even local hawkers have hiked their rates. Fun Toast has also increased the price of their takeaway coffee/tea to S$2.10 That is why I have been thinking about doing much more (If you know me, you will have knew that I am already doing a lot, for hobby and for the tiny bit more cash),  in order to increase my overall earnings every month.  To be clear, I am not having any difficulties. Rather, my motivation for earning more is to ensure that I can maintain my current standard of living. Changing jobs is the most straightforward choice. However, there are many more elements at play than simply having the desire to s

Deep Dive Into 12 Selected AdTech Firms

In my last article , I had discussed the general outlook of the AdTech sector and deemed it as a booming industry. For this article, I will looked at the financials, ratios and margins of 12 selected AdTech firms.  I will divide it into three sections: revenue, earnings, and free cash flow, and compare their growth rates, ratios, and margins.  Do note the following: All Information are taken from SeekingAlpha and Roic.oi Website. These are the tickers of the AdTech firms listed - GOOG, FB, ROKU, TTD, APP, APPS, MGNI, PERI, PUBM, EVC, TRMR and ATY. Share price of the counters was based on prices as of 29 March 2022. "Pegged" meant that the past results are calculated based on per share basis using the latest outstanding share count. Only GOOG, FB and EVC are not pegged because their outstanding share count has decreased over 3 years. APPS and EVC has another row based on "Adjusted Revenue" . This is because there has been discussion that these 2 companies' reven

Adtech - The Booming Industry

In the past, I had done a webinar on EV and also wrote about Sports betting as an industry. In my portfolio, Tesla remains the only EV company, while FuboTV being the only company that is still active in the sports betting industry.  Generally 1 do not write articles on a particular sector - because I am not an expert in these industries and I definitely do not want to provide any wrong idea/information about them.  However, my portfolio has been increasing its allocation towards the Adtech Industry.  Image Credit: Martech Advisor Thus, I did more research for my own benefit and here are some of my opinions. Macro Views: 1. Shift from Traditional Advertising to Digital Advertising With the advent of the internet, more smartphone usage, and increased viewing on streaming channels in recent years, there has undoubtedly been a move toward digital advertising. This was more evident after the pandemic, as many of the Adtech companies hit record revenue and profit in FY2021. 2. Time Saver P