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Dissonance and Consonance

Many moons ago, when Covid-19 had not hit our shores, I believe that there is definitely some value that Technical Analysis can brings to Fundamental Investor like me. It may be possible to allow me to find better entry and exit points. After all, I have seem numerous of my exits going on to higher level after I exited. One example is Trendlines. On the other hand, I also believe that if a Trader trades a fundamentally strong company, it can provide them some leeway if they miss out on certain actions - Like stop loss. This is because you will be holding on to a fundamentally strong company.  In addition, even if the trader misses an entry price, he can always plan the next entry price for the same company - just because the company is fundamentally strong and has a chance of bouncing back. Nevertheless, the truth is I was never able to get myself to learn about Technical analysis. It was not my forte. As we fast forward a few moons later, Covid-19 landed on our shores. Market went cra

QAF Ltd's Sum of Parts Valuation in Apr 2020 and Aug 2020

 Vested. Probably of Biased Opinion. I made 2 videos on QAF Ltd in April 2020 and August 2020.  In the first video (my first ever Youtube Video) , I discussed the business model in detail and provided a valuation at that point in time.   In the 2nd video, I reviewed its financials and provided an update on the valuation. 1st YouTube video was made during the Lockdown Period in April 2020. Then I made the 2nd YouTube video as of today. In both videos, I discussed about the valuation based on the Sums of Parts method. Generally, in April 2020, I believed QAF is worth S$1.12 per share. As of Aug 2020, I calculated QAF being worth S$1.27 per share. If you want to know how did I achieve these figures, do click into the links to view the explanation in the YouTube Videos! Please also subscribe to my channel , like, share and comment on the videos.

When You Know You Are In Love...

When do you realise you were in love with a company:  when the analysis you did was full of risks and you said its seem fine,  when the competitor share price beats 52 week high and your company is flat maintaining 52 weeks low, and you said fine, when you said their new business has some sort of potential and you are willingly to wait for it, when you realise you may want to sell and you feel you felt so heartbroken, when you know this is the US market and you keep saying their quantitative numbers are significant undervalued. Yes. I will do it tonight. Bye bye my beloved. Nevertheless, it really makes me feel LIKE SHIT yesterday and last night I went on a spending spree . Sounds like someone who is trying to walk out of a heartbreak.  Everything started yesterday as I wrote out my thoughts which I shared with my Fundamental Telegram Group Members and on my TUBInvesting Facebook . "Good morning everyone, just some thoughts... I dont know why the US market is still so resilient.