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Triple S Scorecard – The Enhanced Version

This article will be reproduced at TTTI as a guest post as well. Firstly, I like to thank TTTI for giving me the privilege to write a guest post for his blog.  After deciding for a long time, I decided to write on my creation – Triple S Scorecard – which is also unique to how I invest. In addition, this comes as a good time as I am reviewing on this scorecard as well. When I started investing in 2009/10 , I had my fair share of mistakes. It was only after reading the book, Value Investing: Tools and Technique for Intelligent Investment by James Moniter, in 2011 that I realize the need for a more consistent value-focus strategy. After reading more books, I came up with a checklist. But it was only in early 2015 that I finalized on a standard group of criteria to be in my checklist. However, I felt that I still need a more systematic and consistent way of investing, especially in Singapore Stocks. So in November 2015, Triple S Scorecard was created. Most of the cr

Guest Post - Differences between investing in SGX listed vs US listed companies

Recently I got to know TTTI. He is a value investor like me.  We exchanged blog links and decided to guest post on each other's blog.  I am really glad that someone actually asked me to do a guest post. Anyway I understand that he invest in US listed companies too. After traveling back from USA (which I was supposed to do a post on it...please wait for it), I am also tempted to invest in US listed firms. So I asked him to do a guest post of the differences between investing in SGX listed vs US listed companies... This post has been reproduced with the permission of TTTI. His blog can be found at The Thumbtack Investor. I've been asked to write about this topic, and whilst I think there isn't much difference in terms of quantitatively analyzing the companies, there are certainly differences that one must consider when trying to invest in US listed companies. Of course, the differences are also very much dependent on the specific type of company itself. The poin

Accordia Golf Trust - The Final Write Up

I have previously written about Accordia Golf Trust here and here . Today, Accordia Golf Trust just announced the dividend for the second half of the year - 4.31 cents per share. Although it is slightly lower than previous dividend during the similar period - 5.71 cents per share, but it is still significant. Looking at the financials, the golf trust actually did better this year. Revenue increase and Net Profit increase. Even the future looks good as quoted from the financials; "All of AGT’s golf courses are located in Japan and due to the gradual recovery of the Japanese economy, the number of golf plays has been stable, especially among those golf courses located in the metropolitan areas. This trend is expected to be stable. Despite the downtrend in Japan’s population size, the number of plays per golfer has been increasing. This is due to 1) decline of cost per play as compared to previous years, 2) increase in plays by seniors who tend to play more frequently, and 3

How Did These Triple S Scorecard Stocks Fare After 1 Year?

Sorry for the prolong in-activeness of this blog as I was preparing my overseas trip and then I went overseas. Anyway after being back only for a few days, I already have a lot of topics on my mind, So here is the first topic... which relates back to my previous post - about enhancing my Triple S Scorecard. After posting on the topic, people were asking me "How did the Triple S Scorecard stocks performed for the past 1 year?" Thus, I decided to do a short summary on the stocks in my portfolio that pass the Triple S Scorecard previously and how it performed. Do note that not all the stocks in my portfolio are based on Triple S Scorecard criteria - Some are blue chips, some are dividend based stocks, while others could be deep-value investing stocks. Here are the 7 stocks in my portfolio that pass the Triple S Scorecard: *Do note that these stocks may not be bought exactly 1 year ago, but these stocks are bought because it passed the Triple S Scorecard since the sc