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Big Idea 13

As indicated in my last post, I had already sold Big Idea 5. Therefore, I am still on the lookout for the next idea to invest in. Currently, for my Big Ideas Investing Theory, I have wrote about 12 Big Ideas and I had sold about 3 of them. Overall, I am still holding on to 9 of them which contributes about 60% to 70% of my portfolio. I caught a glimpse of  Big Idea 13  on a valuebuddies forum. Then I went to work on it. I was so excited about this idea that I shared it on my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group. Then, Simple Investor shared it on his Facebook Page . Screengrab of Simple Investor Facebook Page OMG...this ballooned the members on my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group from 48 members to the current 130 members within 2 days. I am still very amazed by the support and will like to still say a Big "Thank You" to the old and new members in the group. So after my initial analysis on Big Idea 13, I came up with this summary. "The company has 2

The New Idea That I Didn't Act On It

This article contains a portion of the Moat Scorecard Analysis Write Up 6 written on 27 Jan 2019 for my Moat Scorecard subscribers. For the Full Write Up, please subscribe to Moat Scorecard. Having sold off one of my biggest holding of a Big Idea (Big Idea 5 - HongKong Land) , I started search for the next possible Big Idea. Firstly, I was looking at Courts Asia. But before I could make a decision, Nojima made a general offer. Damn! Then along came Avi-Tech Electronics Limited (Avi-Tech) . To be honest, I first came across this company when it passes Ultimate Scorecard in January. Portion of Avi-Tech Ultimate Scorecard in Jan 2019. I was surprised to see this new entry in my Ultimate Scorecard. This new company excites me in view that it was able to generate Free Cash Flow constantly for the last few years and the cash profit margin has been consistent. What Does The Company Do? The company specializes mainly in Burn-In Services, with a portion in Manufacturing and E

Give This Unicorn A Miss!

As per divestopedia, in the venture capital industry, a unicorn refers to any tech startup company that reaches a $1 billion dollar market value as determined by private or public investment. In July 2018, this Unicorn had raised US$1.6 Billion in the US Stock Market. The company is no other than, Pinduoduo, the company that intends to rival Alibaba and You can read all about this company in this report . If you had watched China Variety Shows, you will not have missed out their advertisement. It has a very catchy song for its advertisement and always seem to be the main sponsor for some of the variety shows. So why do I intend to give it a miss? The main reason is because, on Feb 2019, the company has decided to raised another US$1.5 billion. So after 7 months of raising US$1.6 Billion, it wants to raise another US$1.5 Billion! Furthermore, as quoted from Straits Times Article : " intends to issue some 37 million new shares while stockholders sell

Take A.I.M. - Let's Hit Bullseye Together!

How do you feel after attending a course/workshop?  Do you follow what was taught?  Do you gain anything from the course?  Did you take any action after the course? These are the questions I kept asking myself after presenting various workshops and courses to the participants. I always wonder if the participants gain anything from the workshop or even wondered if they took any actions? Thus, I have been wanting to design a course where I am certain the participants had gained from it and took some actions. After all, I believe that should be the main reason why a participant will want to attend a course! So after many months of planning and discussion with readers, I had finally came up with A.I.M ., which meant " Actionable Ideas Movement ". A.I.M. is a new course – Actionable Ideas Movement – that is designed by me.. The main AIM for this course is to:  (1) introduce the HK and US market to the Singapore Investors; and (2) by the end of the course, we h