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Revisiting Beng Kuang Marine: Profitability, Disposals, and Potential Opportunities

Not Vested. Considering. In my previous blog posts, I mentioned Beng Kuang Marine (BKM) a few times. I initially held a position in the company but divested when its share price increased significantly, as it was only a small portion of my portfolio. Based on my recent review of my portfolio strategy, I am not planning to reinvest in BKM unless it is solely for a separate trade outside of my portfolio. The current circumstances seem to indicate a potential opportunity has arrived. To summarize the situation: BKM has achieved profitability based on its Q3 FY23 results. This suggests that it is highly unlikely for FY23 to be a year of losses for the company.  Source: BKM 3Q & 9m2023 Corporate Highlights Furthermore, BKM has successfully completed the disposal of its tugboats and has received the remaining S$460k in cash. This means that the company's financial results will no longer be negatively impacted by this unprofitable segment of its business In addition, BKM has collect

2024 Investment Strategy: Evaluating My Portfolio and Setting New Goals

It has been some time since I last wrote here. As some of you may know from following me on other platforms like  X  and Seeking Alpha , I have been writing and sharing my views elsewhere. You can find links to my work on those sites in this LINK here. Now, I wanted to provide an update on my 2023 portfolio performance and outline my strategy for 2024. To begin, my portfolio from 2023 did not change since my Restart article in Mar 2023, as I am still around 40% below my initial investment. I have not done exact calculations since my holdings are fully consolidated on Interactive Brokers, except for some Singapore stocks in my CDP account. Regardless, these returns are not satisfactory and very disappointing. Given that reality, it is clear that my previous outlook for 2023 did not come to fruition. Therefore, shaping my approach for 2024 is of utmost importance. I have reviewed my portfolio multiple times, reexamining what I am looking to achieve. After thorough consideration, I have