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Let's Talk: 15 Must Know Information About OTS Holdings Ltd

Not Vested Yet.  This is a new series that I hope to bring unknown companies to people attention - if I ever write more lah! I may not necessary invest in these companies, but its always good to discuss about them. Today I am going to write about a Singapore IPO. I never really look at an IPO before, but this caught my eyes because (1) it is a business that is selling ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meat products in Singapore and Malaysia, (2) we know how this kind of business has been booming during this pandemic, and (3) demand for such products, in my opinion, can be deem “recurring” – people tends to go back to brands of a particular food constantly because of familiarity in taste and unwillingness to switch. The Offering and The Business 1. Details of Offering – OTS Holdings will be offering 41.0 million ordinary shares at S$0.23, with ONLY 1.0 million ordinary shares by way of public offer – which already ended on 15 Jun 21. Trading starts at 9am on 17 Jun 21. 2. The Business

2021 Strategy Series – 2nd Highest Conviction Company for 2021 – Cerence (CRNC)

Vested with initial price at US$53.50 and average price of US$57+. Cerence used to be my biggest position. It has now gone to 2nd place due to my aggressive adding to Digital Turbine. Regardless, I have as much faith towards Cerence as I have towards Digital Turbine.  You can refer to my 1st article on Cerence here. There is information below that could be repetitive and if they are repeated it meant that this is VERY IMPORTANT . I have also stated I have 2 portfolios– 1st one is mixed SG with US companies. 2nd one has 90% US companies. Thus, Cerence and Digital Turbine are in the 2nd portfolio, contributing almost 15% to the portfolio. Without further ado, let’s get to the 25 Must Know about Cerence and why it remains a high conviction for me. The Business 1. As per my first article, Cerence is a WHITE LABEL company that is behind the voice recognition/command system in the car such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Nio, Xpeng, Toyota and many more. Remember “Hey BMW” or “Hey Mercedes” ?  2. Th

2021 Strategy Series - My Biggest Position and Highest Conviction Company For 2021 - Digital Turbine (APPS)

A lot has changed since my last article on Digital Turbine (aka APPS) - Although just a few days away, but APPS has become my biggest position and become my highest conviction company probably for 2021 right now.  This will also be my 4th article on APPS this year. For this article, I will be writing on a 20 pointers that you must know about APPS. Some of the pointers may be repetitive but it is repeated because it is important. Here we go... The Company 1. Digital Turbine (aka APPS) is an estimated US$6bn listed entity in Nasdaq. With the acquisition of Fyber last week, along with AdColony and Appreciate recently, it has transformed into a full stack end-to-end ad tech platform. 2. APPS used to be solely focused on Android products only. But with these acquisitions, it has gotten into the IOS space. There is also the opportunity of cross-selling. 3. Even without these acquisitions, APPS on-device solutions are amazing. Basically, one of their products – ignite – is the product that