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Bought Into The Most Heavily Shorted Company

Vested with 2 shares at US$155 last night and I may just sell it once it reach certain share price. Apologies to writing on another company that is not related to the new 2021 Strategy series. Cause I need to write about it - to explain my decision. This is highly likely the most controversial post I will be writing. Or maybe not. Yesterday during the FB Live with JR_Chai, I talked about this 3rd or 4th most heavily shorted company.  It has over 60% short float ratio . Since I thought it is priced over $150+, the short squeeze may not happen. Oh no...I was wrong. This morning, the share price of the company went over $190+. During the FB Live, I mentioned that I will not be buying into the company, but after looking through the Fundamental Scorecard, the business model and future catalyst. I decided to buy just 2 shares. In the FB Live, I also stated the 4 questions to answer if you intend to buy into a company that was heavily shorted. Thus, I will be answering the 4 questions in thi

2021 Strategy Series: Digital Turbine – APPS

Vested with initial price at US$38.30.  This is a new series that I am doing in 2021 as commented in this post . It is meant to be written in a way to maximize research with minimum words. If you have any questions, do comment here or on the FB page, email us, or find us in the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group. It will be written as per analysis method indicated in this post . So…Let’s Start! The first company of this series is Digital Turbine Inc. Part 1 – What the Company Does? This was taken directly from this post from SeekingAlpha by Cobiaman as I felt it really explains parts of the company. “Digital Turbine is the middleman between service providers and advertisers who put apps on phones. The company negotiates the rates for app placement with advertisers, collects the money, and then remits about 60% to the service providers...while keeping the rest…With SingleTap, when the Starbucks ad shows up in your game, you click on it and bingo, you have downloaded the Starbucks app

Time To Listen Up

I wanted to write about the companies I own today. But that post could wait. Because its time to listen up. In my last post  on 17 Jan 2021, I talked about my returns at 31%.  Within 3 days, it has went up to 34.8% . On the bridge side, I can shout “Hurray, I am a genius!” Because many of the stocks I picked and I have declared publicly on FB Live with JR_Chai, My Last Webinar on my Strategy, My Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, this Blog and also My FB Page are just going up. For SG Side: Singtel (As per this post ) – In S$2.310, as of 20 Jan S$2.470.  Powermatic Data (As per this FB Live ) – In S$2.510, as of 20 Jan S$2.640 For the US side: CRNC (As per this post ) – In US$53.50, As of time of writing US$120+. APPS (As per my webinar) – In US$38.30, As of time of writing US$60+. PCTI (As per this Youtube Video ) – In US$5.780, As of time of writing US$10.7+  GOOG (As per this FB Live ) – In US$1438, As of time of writing US$1840+ Do note that all the shares above I held for les

The 2021 Strategy

2021 has started with a BANG and market has continued to rise from 2020 and into the new year.  For 2021, TUBInvesting Blog will be focus on my portfolio and companies within it. Since the pandemic, I had changed the way I invest. Basically, I step out of my comfort zone and change the way I invest. Personally, I felt I did well since the change in strategy. Therefore I am moving ahead with this strategy into 2021. The bottom is a new account I open as of Jun 2020 and I have returned over 31% (as of 17 Jan 2021). It is not all beautiful as I did cut losses on some companies I held. But basically, more wins than losses helped me achieved a satisfactory return. The strategy that I engaged in is shown below. In general, I will invest in a group of Dividend SG Companies that will bring about a stability in my portfolio, while I invest in Growth Companies and Cash-like feature companies in the US. I deem it as dual engine because:  I expect US Companies to be volatile but on a long term up

Why I Replace A Local Bank With A Telco?

So for the last 2 articles that I have written - The last article of 2020 and first article of 2021 - I have stated that I am reducing my OCBC position to redivert the money into Singtel and US Market. OCBC remains a smaller position in my portfolio and I may still sell everything within the near term. In both articles, I did not mention my reasons for selling/reducing OCBC. Nevertheless, I did reveal all the reasons in a recorded session in a FB Live with JR_Chai . (Click on the picture to watch the recorded session) Furthermore, I also had a separate discussion (which I did not mention before) on my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group where it was stated that (1) capex for Singtel will be huge with 5G and digital banking coming together and (2) this may affect future dividend.  Nevertheless, our Fundamental Scorecard provides a Moat Score of 55 for Singtel - which is relatively high. Thus, I was not too concern about the negativity stated above as I am looking for a company with

First Article of 2021 - The Replacement of OCBC Bank is Singtel

This is a continuation of the previous post . The replacement of OCBC is Singtel. The joke is on me. Many months ago, for those that asked me about Singtel, I will tell them I do not like it. The main issue is cash burn in the future and the “traditional” management. But recently a friend changes my thinking and it kept me thinking on all the future possibilities.  Basically, in my opinion, the opportunities exceed its own weaknesses .  Thus, let me get into the reasons. 1. Digital Banking Grab-Singtel JV (GSJV) has been awarded for the full digital banking license. Singtel has a 40% stake in the S$1.5bn entity (around at least S$600million outlay from Singtel) . Recently, I have a deep discussion on the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group on Digital Banking. Basically, I commented that Google Pay as an aggregator will be a major competitor against Digital Banking – and there were a lot of explanations stating that this is a wrong. Part of the conversation as showed above (Many Gurus