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Don't Get Trapped...

Yesterday, during our FATA Seminar 's Stock Discussion, we discussed about some companies and I pointed out some of their issues in the financials. Do note that for our FATA Seminar, we will allow participants to ask about some companies. After which we will discuss about these companies' FATA prospects. Many of the issues came from S-Chips' financials, which many had already cautioned about. However, we discussed about this Singapore company's in the F&B sector, where I mentioned about some figures in the financials that were presented very interestingly. Income Statement Balance Sheet Cashflow Part 1 Cashflow Part 2 Share Price since IPO - Source: Yahoo Let me explained some of the interesting findings: 1. Changes in financials occur due to SFRS 16: Leases 2. Previously, leases were stated under operating leases - these were expenses. Currently, they are capitalised - these became assets under PPE. 3. Under income statement,

GSB Announced Good News + Other Existing Companies In Portfolio

Short Post GSB, which I had just written about recently on 9 Nov 2019, has recently released some good news! Yes! Shortly after I invested in the company, it announces a special dividend of US$3.35 ! That more than 30% of return! So far that is the 2nd piece of good news since the launch of the Crazy Portfolio. I do hope it continues! As for other overseas companies, it is good to note that previously written companies like UVE , GDOT and IGG , still exists within the Crazy Portfolio. Thus that is 5 companies that I have written about. Stay tuned for more! This is the final call! Join us this coming 23rd Nov (Sat)  |  10.30am to 5pm in understanding both FA & TA to make better trading decisions.  iFAST@Ocean Financial Centre 10 Collyer Quay, #26-01 Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315 Course Fee: SGD$30 Register Link Here Thanks for your support!

FATA Idea Room a.k.a The Trading Investor

Hi all, It has been a while since I ran a seminar. I have been trying to collaborate with a TA guru to come up with a Fundamental-Analysis-Technical Analysis (FATA) seminar/course. As you can see...we have yet to decide on the name... The reason for doing this is mainly to value add to our respective communities. I do believe that having some TA knowledge can help an investor find a better entry point. For a trader, having simple FA knowledge can bring about better gains or what happens if you miss a stop loss? The seminar structure will be as follows: - Intro - FATA Mental Framework - FA - The Most Important Ratio - TA - Her Unique Style - Lunch - Stocks Discussion (Highlight of the day) - End In my opinion, the stocks discussion is the highlight. For whoever that sign up, I will ask you for a counter. Then we will try our best to talk about all the counters during the seminar. Course Date: 23 Nov 2019 (Saturday) Course Time: 10:30 am - 5 pm (Apprx) Co

KEM - The One That Got Acquired Before I Could Write Extensively

Short Post With the start of Crazy Portfolio, TUBInvesting new direction is to be the diary of the portfolio and to put up post about my journey to eventually achieve my crazy target! Thus, it was natural that I wanted to record down all the companies that was part of this portfolio. However, this company, Kemet Corporation was acquired by Taiwan-based electronic component manufacturer Yageo for $27.20/share in cash, for a deal valued at $1.8B including the assumption of debt, before I could even do a proper write up. Read about the acquisition here I personally feel the purchase price is too low. Anything above US$30 will be more reasonable. To give you some perspective, the 2018 10-k stated the following: 1. "...The Company has entered into agreements with three of its largest customers pursuant to which the customers have agreed to provide interest free loans to the Company in exchange for assurance of future supply. These interest free loans are being used by the

GSB - Enhanced File Transfer On Cloud Services

This post is a reminder for myself of why I invested in the above company. I am vested and comments maybe biased. For future posts, I will be talking about my positions in the Crazy Portfolio . Numbers/Finance Increasing Revenue, Net Profit – Over the last 3 years, the total revenue has just been increasing. So does the Net Profit. However, if you look at the TTM (Trailing 12 Months) figures over the last 5 years, it is very clear the company’s top line has been improving every quarter, so does the bottom line. Data from Seeking Alpha - Annual Revenue Data from Seeking Alpha - Annual Net Profit Data from Seeking Alpha - TTM Revenue Data from Seeking Alpha - TTM Net Profit Reasonable Balance Sheet, but Great Returns – Balance sheet has been reasonable with very low debt. Its not exactly a NCAV company and it has significant intangible. But it has great returns. Data from Low Capex, Good FCF – It has consistently generated FCF for the las