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TVB vs Netflix

Recently, I did a poll on InvestingNote . It was an exercise to (1) remove the bias of choosing a company based on brand names and (2) choosing a company to invest in solely using financials. InvestingNote Screengrab as of 21 March 2.20pm Without the company name, most investors stated correctly that if solely based on the financials, value investor will choose Company A. Growth Investors will choose Company B. Overall, it seems that more investors prefer a stable company than one is burning cash. But I have a feeling if I reveal the names of the companies, things may change? Nevertheless, did I carry out this exercise so that I understand more about investors? NOPE.  I was actually looking to invest into TVB due to their recent share price drop and negativity news. Thus, I was looking for a competitor to compare its financials and I picked Netflix. Many may disagree that they have the same business model. But in my opinion, their strategy as stated below are probably

Analysis of Singapore Banks and Finance Firms

As a fundamental investor, I always look at financials statement to analysis if a company is good enough to invest in. However, there is always 2 types of balance sheet we need to take note – The regular one and the Financial Institutions (FI) one. Normal Balance Sheet FI Balance Sheet In the past, if I want to invest in a FI, I used to tell myself – I don’t know how to analyze their financials, let’s skip them! But as days, weeks, years went past, and you realise that there are numerous financial firms in of Berkshire Hathaway picks , that’s probably an indication for me to start to learn how to analyze a FI financials. After jotting down a list of criteria and factors, I reduce it to these 4 criteria. 1. Return on Assets (ROA) Formula: (Net Profit - One-time Gain) / Total Assets x 100% In my opinion, Return of Assets is the most powerful ratio of them all to calculate the performance of a FI. I believe it is mention by Warren Buffet before (lost track of the wr

Take A.I.M. - The Singapore Market Version!

With the success of " A.I.M.- Actionable Ideas Movement ", Simple Investor and I had decided to conduct a similar course for Investors of the Singapore Stock Market. I can never say enough. But once again, I will like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that attended AIM. You made the event a success!  What is A.I.M. – SG Version? This is an extension of the newly design course – Actionable Ideas Movement – within the Singapore Market. The main AIM for this course is to: (1) introduce new investing methods to the Singapore Investors; and (2) by the end of the course, we hope participants will be able to invest in Singapore Markets with comfort and the right mindset, regardless of the macro environment. This course also AIMs to provide what participants want such as the following: 1. The course will allow participants to ask questions beforehand. These questions will be answer during the course. (An email will be sent to the email address you registered