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Can Jay Chou Save GHY Culture and Media in FY2023?

If you are an investor interested in the media industry, you should consider GHY Culture and Media (SGX: XJB), which produces numerous dramas and films in countries like China, Singapore, and Malaysia. GHY's content is also featured on major video streaming platforms and TV networks in China. Additionally, the group has organized concerts for international artists in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. GHY's business comprises three main segments: TV Program and Film Production Costumes, Props, and Make-up Services and Talent Management Services Concert Production The most profitable and revenue-generating segment in 2022 was concert production. The company co-produced concerts for Power Station and Guns N' Roses in Singapore, and organized Jay Chou's Carnival World Tour (Singapore) concerts at the Singapore National Stadium on December 17 and 18, 2022.  Jay's Concert Poster. Source: GHY Website These events alone brought in S$20 million in revenue and over S$8 mill

Scammers Co-Opted My Alter Ego

It appears that scammers everywhere are exploiting my alternative persona to defraud individuals. Occasionally I elect to disregard them. However, the email below goes too far. It is literally contacting my partners and demanding that they forward this email to me. The S*** Email To My Partners This seems to be another one of the scams. S*** website Press Release on the S*** Website Moreover, when searching for "TUBInvesting" through Google, I previously discovered peculiar material relating to this blog. I recognize I have become a premier news source. News Article 1 News Article 2 News Article 3 The news reports originated from one of my affiliations tab beneath "Latest News" with PRNewswire. Presumably I shall retract them promptly. Screenshot of the Blog Tab Please be careful. If you need to contact me, there is a link on my blog on how to locate me. Stay Tuned.

The Arbitrage Opportunity on Movado Group (MOV) Stock

Typically, I avoid discussing strategies involving options due to the significant losses that can occur if the market moves against you. However, when the opportunity has a shallow risk profile, and the potential reward seems attractive, it warrants consideration. The current situation with Movado Group (MOV) is an arbitrage opportunity for investors. Source: The Watch Specialist Website MOV recently announced in-line earnings and declared a special dividend of $1 per share, along with its regular quarterly dividend of $0.35. The ex-dividend date is April 4, 2023, and the dividend payment date will be April 19, 2023. Usually, such an announcement would lead to a rise in the share price. However, Movado's lackluster guidance for the next quarter caused a 15% drop in its share price, presenting an intriguing entry point. As an illiquid small-cap stock, MOV's average daily volume is only 163,000 shares over the past year, less than the 500,000 share threshold for active trading.