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What's Up For T.U.B Investing 2018?

As 2017 come to a close, what can readers of T.U.B Investing look forward to in 2018? 1. Stretch Target of 30% Gain for My Portfolio In my last post, I stated that I have my overall target for 2018 is 15% target gain. But after a few days, I decide to give myself a challenge. I decided to have a stretch target of an overall gain of 30% in 2018. HUAT Ar! 2. "Ask Us Anything" Meet and Greet Session While Youtubers have meet and greet, I was thinking if it was possible for financial bloggers to do the same and "why will readers want to meet us?". Nevertheless, Simple Investor and I have decided that in 2018, we will be doing "Ask Us Anything" Meet and Greet Sessions throughout 2018. Basically we will just stay at a open location (maybe a food court), and if anyone who is interested to ask us anything, do come and find us! 3. A Very Special Workshop In 2018, Simple Investor and I will also be conducting a very special workshop. It will not be a

My 10% Portfolio - End Of 2017 Record

Hi Everyone, It is the time of the year again, where everyone presents their report card. Even though 2017 has been a very bullish year, but my results has not been as good as many of you out there. Overall my portfolio made 15.62% gain (Inclusive of dividends) only. Nevertheless, I am already contented as I had already hit my initial target of 10% gain. Furthermore, in the last portfolio update post, I was hoping for an overall gain of 15% and I had achieved it. Now let's take a good to look at the changes in my portfolio. Once again, let me emphasize on the following: 1. This portfolio review is calculated from the start of the year and the aim is to review the total portfolio gain after 1 year. 2. Some of the counter's initial share prices are their respective share prices at the start of this year (Especially those counters in this post). 3. The gain and loss stated is just a simple calculation of the difference in share prices, ignoring the transaction fees.

Money Supply And Interest Rate

I just like to remind everyone that money supply is constant unless the governments start printing again. However, even thought it is constant, it is flowing. When Fed stop printing, but Euro and Japan continued to print money. It continued to push the economy to the current heights as the money flow into each individual companies' earning. This will also explain that despite the share prices at a high, the PE ratio of many companies (even STI) has yet to hit a significant high figure yet. But do note, as interest rate increases, money supply flowing within the economy will reduce. This is because people will save more, buy more treasuries bonds, etc. Do remember Singapore Government also came out with the Singapore Saving Bonds! Do also remember the Fed may continue to increase the interest rate 3 times in 2018 . In addition, after Fed increases interest rate, China also increases interest rate. Remember China has a very leveraged country in 2017, as the governmen

To Buy or Not To Buy

Before I start, I must apologise to those that had ask me about cryptocurrency previously. If I told you I am not going to invest in cryptocurrency, I was very sure about my decision then. Right now, I am not so sure.  Do note that I have yet to purchase any cryptocurrency at this point as I try to setup my Coinbase account, which could take a while. If by the time I complete my setup and cryptocurrency has gone over the roof, then I will give up on it. By now, you still do not know about cryptocurrency, bitcoin or blockchain. I suggest you can google, there will be so many articles out there for you to read and understand. Some of the websites I recommend is: 1. Probutterfly Blog 2. Got Money, Got Honey! 3. bgting post on InvestingNote Prior to explaining about the reasons that change my thoughts of cryptocurrency, I will like to talk about Cryptocurrency Mining and the Semiconductor Industry (Information that was not explained thoroughly) . Picture taken from Bl

Guest Post On "The Age of Central Banking"

I have never met a quant investor before, or I may have but they never told me they were. But this investor I met recently categorized himself as a quant investor. He is no other than the author of this guest post, Shi Ern. He was previously working as an investment analyst for Aggregate Asset Management. He has since left his job and is working towards starting his own fund. Maybe it was an ambitious target, but I believe he can do it with his drive and knowledge. During the whole chit chat session, I am very intrigued by how he thinks and how it differs from us (Simple Investor and I) . That night, it was really an interesting exchange of ideas about the economy, the bulls and bears, what might occur in 2018 as well as some many different topics. I could simply write a book based on our whole conversation. It makes me wonder what will happen if all the bloggers sit down and just chit chat - You can just imagine the flow of ideas and knowledge. Anyway, that night, I asked him

Invest On World Cup 2018

Having been a soccer fan (I play soccer almost every Sunday) for so many years, I have always looked forward to the major competitions such as the World Cups and Euros. Therefore, when news of World Cup 2018 draws start to appear, I got reminded that the competition is drawing near (14 Jun 2018) . This time round, an additional thought strike me. The investor in me started thinking of “opportunities to invest in” during the World Cup period. I started thinking of the various opportunities, and then I remembered I had actually found out who are the manufacturers of Nike and Adidas previously when I was researching in the overseas counters. The 2 companies I found out are: Win Hanverky Holdings Limited (aka WH) Founded in early 1980s and listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2006, Win Hanverky Holdings Limited (SEHK: 3322) and its subsidiaries are an integrated sportswear manufacturer, distributor and retailer for international sports brands and h

An Interview with "Heartland Boy"

This year's last interview for the Interview Series will be with Heartland Boy . His blog mainly talks about personal finance matters. But once in a while, he will write about his stock investments and his thoughts about them. I went for his seminar previously and wrote a review on it. Till now, I am still very captivated about including TA techniques within Fundamental Analysis. Nowadays, other than using Fundamental Scorecard Website , I will also use InvestingNote Chart to assess the TA of each counter (Previously I did not even bother much about the 50 days MA or 150 days MA) . I am even considering incorporating TA techniques into the Ultimate Scorecard currently  (But that is another story...) . Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview questions and his answers! 1. Tell us more about yourself. How did you get into investing? Heartland Boy: I am a young working adult who took up the challenge of working in Indonesia last year. My stint in Indon