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A talk on "Fundamental Analysis: The Contrarian Approach"

For those who still do not know, I will be collaborating with InvestingNote by giving a talk on "Fundamental Analysis: The Contrarian Approach" . Unlike the previous talk which focus on my scorecards or investing methods (there will definitely still be overlapping information) , I will be focusing more on talk about investing via a contrarian approach. In my own opinion, if everyone thinks in the same way, it will be hard to make gains. That's why we have to THINK   DIFFERENTLY . BE DIFFERENT. The details as follows: - Date: 28 April, This Friday Time: 7 to 9.30pm Location: CMC Markets, 9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza Tower, #30-02/03 If you are interested in this talk, do click on this LINK to purchase the tickets. For those who had already purchase the tickets, thank you for your support! This quote was actually a part of Apple's 'Think Differently' campaign, crafted by both Steve Jobs and the masterful creative team at TBWA/

Review of Singapore's Construction Sector - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Review of the Singapore Construction Sector. Part 1 was meant as a more qualitative approach. Part 2 will be using a quantitative approach instead. Do read up on Part 1 here. Prior to this writing, SG Thumbtack Investor has pointed out on InvestingNote , this maybe too much a generalization of the companies within the construction industry. Read his full comments via the link! I totally agreed on this point as I may have leave out some "good" companies in part 2 of this review. So in the end, I decided to do the review with all the companies again.  However, I also do not want to deem my initial effort as "wasteful". So I decided to come out a contrarian approach to determine the companies I want to review - a scoring system. By picking out the information from SGX Stockfacts (Based on the information on 21st April 2017 after trading hours) , I selected Dividend Yield, Price to Book, Price to Earning and Debt to Equity as cr

Review of Singapore's Construction Sector - Part 1

Dear Readers, I am continuing my search for, what Warren Buffett will have exclaimed – the next “wonderful company at only fair prices”. Therefore, to search for this company, I decided to try searching within the construction industry. The interest in construction industry was triggered due to a few reasons such as: This video via Flyinpeach – Singapore continuous infrastructure development for the next 2 to 3 years will continue to provide projects for the construction industry, especially those in the civil engineering sector.  The recent purchases for land at high prices via SP Sertia and Sing Holdings. The continued urbanization of the world, especially within South East Asia. Before we start, do note Companies that are within the construction industry but also within these areas of business will be ignored: - Companies earning more than 50% from Overseas. (I may not have the knowledge to fully understand these companies’ revenue stream. Ex. Civmec) - Fu

An Interview With "BULLytheBEAR"

The next person appearing on my interview series is " BULLytheBEAR ", as he is known within the blogosphere and InvestingNote platform. He has been in the finance blogsphere long before I started my blog. Despite being so much more famous/popular than me, whenever I chatted with him on any of the platforms, he is always ready to help. My initial impression of him is that he is a FA investor (maybe because he is a tutor?) . But after learning more about him, I realised he is actually more of a TA investor. However, if you read his blog, you will seldom find any trances of TA on his blog (maybe only in his older posts) . His blog posts also always tend to be are quite deep and, in my opinion, a deep person always tend to be more FA. But he proved me wrong. Anyway, his new role as a father will definitely keep him busy for a while (Congratulations!) and I am just glad he agreed to my interview! Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview questions and &quo

Launch of T.U.B Circle

Dear Readers, T.U.B Investing will be launching its database site - T.U.B Circle.   This database will contain of my scorecards of the various companies in SGX. The database contains Enhanced Triple S Scorecards, which I no longer distributes. and all the Super Scorecards that I had done. Over time, I will continue to add more Super Scorecards of companies I analyse into the database. If you are interested, simply sign up/email with me. The subscription will be $20 for 3 Months. Everyone whom sign up will be given a Super Scorecard Excel Template and a Super Scorecard Handbook on how to use it. To further extend your subscription (upon expiry) , simply provide me with 5 Super Scorecards you have done to get extended for another 3 months for FREE ! This is simply to encourage people to use it constantly and understand the company's fundamentals. Do note that the Super Scorecards in the database are downloadable. Thus, if you are interested in a particular compan

I Purchased This Counter At Last!

Recently, rather than bottom fishing for counters, I decide maybe I can try to find the next counter that has the possibility of doubling in share price within the next 2 years. I had a few good picks in the past, such as PNE Industries Ltd , Hock Lian Seng Holdings Ltd , Ellipsiz Ltd and Captii Ltd , that has gain significantly - doubling or almost doubling in share price over a 2 to 3 years period. One of the counters I come across is Japan Foods Holding Ltd (deem as JF for the remainder of the post below) .  This was a counter I had been eyeing for the longest time. This counter is like the restaurant you never entered before, even though you walk past it everyday and know it serves very good food and has been wanting to try their food. But you just find the price a bit too expensive. In past, I already knew this counter has a great business model with a strong balance sheet. It also gave up great dividends. However, I didn't purchase this counter because its PE i