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Trying Out A New Broker - Tiger Brokers

This is a sponsored post. Recently my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group has been raving about this relatively new brokerage in town. They called themselves Tiger Brokers . Upon further clarification, I realised they are a listed Chinese entity in Nasdaq – UP Fintech Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: TIGR) - with a market cap of US$905m. Initially, I was still rather skeptical, but after knowing that they are licensed and regulated by MAS, as well as several positive comments from the other members, I decided to give them a shot. An interesting point to note is that I had already open an account with Tiger Brokers even prior them approaching me for this collaboration. Having said that, this is also my 1 st ever sponsored post because I only write about platforms that I have personally tried and liked. Do note that prior to using Tiger Brokers, I was using “a certain bank” brokerage account for US stocks. Even though this is sponsored, but I had actually plac