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"Bugs" Found In The Scorecards

For anyone whom have requested for the Triple S Scorecard and any participant of the Sharing Session with T.U.B , you will be receiving some "spam" from me. This is because, after conducting the 2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B, I have gotten feedback that the dividend payout criteria was hard and subjective to input. Thus, I have made amendments to the  Enhanced Triple S Scorecard . Instead of picking the information from SGX, I had changed to selecting information from annual report to input. I was also informed by the users of some "bugs" that were in the Triple S Scorecard and the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard. So this was the 1st "spam" that I sent out. After that, when users of the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard were asking me other questions, I realize another "bug" in the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard. Thus, I will be sending out another email "spam" to the participants of the Sharing Session with T.U.B. I apologize for th

The Search For Dividend Stocks

I have started on my research on past stock data - in order to find the criteria to "sniff" out the Dividend Stocks. I am not talking about REITs or Business Trust or even Blue Chips. I am talking about finding the pennies that can give you hopefully at least 5% of dividend yield every year. My initial research shows: 1. A company that constantly gives out 5% of dividend yield, most probably have a price to book ratio of more than 1. A stock that has a price to book ratio of less than 1 and also have a dividend yield of more than 5% per year, MAYBE lacking in other parts of its financials. More due diligence is required. 2. SOME stocks uses leverage to support their high dividend yield. Their debt to equity can be more than 100%. But how long can they continue to do this? The research indicates that some of the highly leverage Stocks, that gave high dividend, eventually encounter other issues. 3. Net Profit is REQUIRED constantly, even when the Stock continu

Why Enhanced Triple S Scorecard has no ROE Criteria?

During the 1st and 2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B , the participants had always asked "Why Enhanced Triple S Scorecard has no ROE Criteria?" ROE = Return On Equity. Although I had written about this point before, but I realized it was a wrong conclusion. After thinking for a long time, I came up with a few reasons: 1. Earnings are manipulated. ROE requires to include earnings as the numerator of the formula. But for anyone whom has attended my Sharing Session with T.U.B will know that I do not use earnings (in this case, net profit) in my calculation because it can be manipulated. 2. Value Not Return. Rather than looking at "Return" Ratios (ROE, ROI, ROA, etc), my Scorecard is searching for a "Value" Stock. A stock that is undervalued in terms of assets and cashflow. Furthermore, "Return" Ratios do not incorporate the share price as a factor in the formula. Therefore, in my opinion, these ratios does not really relates to how s

The Future of T.U.B Investing

Sorry for the late post as I have been busy with work. 2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B has just been completed last Saturday and it has been fruitful, even for myself. At the end of each session, I always update the attendees with what T.U.B Investing intends to do in future. So now, I guess it is time for me to update the readers as well. 1. Blogging, Blogging, Blogging. Yes. Despite the setup of the sharing session, I will still make time to write new posts for the readers. This is the birth place of T.U.B Investing and it will stay this way. Hopefully all my readers will be able to gain new insights to my writings. 2. Sharing Sessions with T.U.B There will still be at least another 2 more Sharing Session with T.U.B this year. After that, I can't guarantee I will continue to conduct more sessions. So sign up for the next 2 session if you are interested! Or you can even contact me to show your interest now! The 3rd Sharing Session with T.U.B should be in the 3rd Sa

Reflections After Watching "Money Monster"

I watched the movie “Money Monster” last Saturday. Other than it being a damn good movie, it also relates to investing on numerous occasion, especially an investor’s mindset. I will try to recall the scenes while it is still fresh in my head and explain how it relates back to my mindset of investing. SPOILERS AHEAD! Do note that I have already forgotten what are the characters’ name and the scenes explain below are not very accurate. I am just explaining what I recall from the movie that relates back to my investment mindset. Scene 1 “The intruder explained that he had put all his savings into the stock prior to its share price crash.” During my Sharing Sessions and maybe some of my previous posts, I have stated that an investor mindset, especially a novice, should have the following: Invest only using a fixed sum at the start, increase slowly only when you are more experience. Only invest using your disposable income. Be prepared to lose all your money. Have a long t

Sing Holdings Limited - A Review of Latest Financials

After posting on Sing Holdings Limited recently, the company released its latest quarterly financials on 12 August 2016. As usual, I did my analysis using the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard and here are the results: Yes, it is still a Enhanced Triple S Scorecard Stock, but... After looking at the financials within such a short period, you will notice the differences in the financials. So here are some of the questions and hopefully are the answers I am looking for. Changes In Classification of Current Assets - My view is I am wondering why was there a change in the companies' classification in the Current Assets between the 2 quarters. "Trading Properties" were removed in the 2nd quarter financial report. 1st Quarter Current Asset Listing 2nd Quarter Current Asset Listing My guess was that the Trading Properties stated in the 1st quarter financial statement were the strata units in the BizTech Centre and it is combined into "Completed Properties

Sing Holdings Limited - Property Developer That Pass Enhanced Triple S Scorecard

This is really an interesting stock. I shall not be "naggy" and start straight away. Profile in Short Founded in 1964, Sing Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) is a property development and investment group listed on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange. Some of the Group’s recent developments include residential projects such as BelleRive in Bukit Timah area, The Laurels at Cairnhill, Waterwoods in Punggol and Robin Residences at Robin Drive. The Group also developed industrial and commercial buildings such as BizTech Centre along Aljunied Road, EastGate in the East Coast area and Ocean Towers, an award-winning Grade-A office building in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China. The Group will continue to focus on its core business of property development and investment. It endeavours to deliver dream homes to its homebuyers, in its bid to realise its vision of becoming A Developer of Premier Living. Based on Enhanced Triple S Scorecard (Present

2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B

With the positive feedback received from the participants of the " 1st Sharing Session with T.U.B ", I have decided to conduct the “2nd Sharing Session with T.U.B” to help you to choose good fundamental stocks for the future. I will be showing the participants my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard method which is quite different from other methods and looks at picking good fundamental stocks for the long term. In addition, with Swiber Limited's liquidation news which has caused a ripple effect in the Singapore Stock Market, one should understand that in these difficult times, we have to choose good fundamental stocks that can withstand future unpredictable events. Even thought it is a paid session, I still hope that you can support me and participate in this session as I believe there is much to gain from this sharing session. Basically I will be sharing on: My Value Investing Method How do I screen for stocks? Sharing of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard and how it work

Ellipsiz Ltd - A Review of Full Year 2016 Financials

Not long ago, I wrote about a low-ball offer by the substantial shareholder, Bevrian Pte Ltd. Recently, the company released its full year unaudited financial report on 2 August 2016. Based on its new financial report, I did a review of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard (Based on Share Price of $0.375): The new financial numbers in 2016 Full Year Financial Report still passed the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard! I am already "In the money", but I am still not selling because: Increasing Dividend - The company has been increasing its full year dividend amount from 1.8 cents in 2014 to 2.5 cents in 2016. Dividend yield at the current price of $0.375 is still at 6.67%! Passed Enhanced Triple S Scorecard - Yes, even at the current price of $0.375, the company continues to pass the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard. purchase price is at $0.300. Very Low Debt to Equity - Debt to Equity ratio remains very very very low at 0.04 only. This meant that in