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Interview with "Reader Who Uses The Scorecard Method"

I will like to apologize for the delay in posting. I had wanted to do a "Reasons to come for the Investing Workshop" post on Sunday, but it ended up sounding too HARD-SELLING, thus I reverted it to draft instead. However, the short publication got "crawled" into my InvestingNote page and some people seem to be quite turn off by it. I guess I made the right choice in turning the post into draft. Anyway back to the main topic...  This will be an interview with the "Reader" whom had supported me since late 2016. Not only has he read my blog regularly, he has also came for my seminars numerous times and followed my scorecard method since the " Enhanced Triple S Scorecard " days. The reason I interviewed him was because I felt he was a bit different from the regular investors. Most investors seems to focus on news, financials or charts. But from my conversion with him, he get inspirations from observing "businesses around him" (Somethi

Fundamental Scorecard = Mechanical Investing

I had learned about a new term after reading about Lazy Singaporean's Blog Post - Is mechanical investing a form of index investing? It was the first time I came across this term, "Mechanical Investing". After I googled, I found that Investopedia state that mechanical investing is a form of " buying and selling stocks according to a screen based on predetermined criteria, usually with the help of technical indicators such as relative strength or momentum. This method allows traders to enter transactions without emotion and backtest their strategies by using historical data from any time period. " It seems that without any prior knowledge of this term, I have been following mechanical investing via my scorecard method. Although I am not a trader, but I have been practicing " buying and selling stocks according to a screen based on predetermined criteria " via the scorecard method. I have also " backtest these strategies by using histor

Life After Getting Your Own House

I just started to live in my new house for a few days. And what follows was unpredictable. Housework, cleaning, buying stuff, cooking, arranging for rectification, putting mahjong paper and then it repeats. I no longer have any time for reading and much less for blogging. Over the last few days, I only looked at the stock market for about 10 to 15 mins each day. Then one day, Simple Investor SG messaged me "Market drop suddenly". Although I do not have enough time, but I still looked at the market for 5 seconds. Then I saw the STI at 3,334.91. I replied Simple Investor SG, "inform me only if STI was at 3000". Then I went back to my housework. It is only on a afterthought that I realised why did I have this "super heck care" attitude? There are a lot of reasons behind it. 1. Experience - I guess having been through a few number of hiccups, I don't think a minor correction will affect me. Furthermore, I have already allocated a percentage

Our 2nd Value/Growth Investing Workshop

Building on the success from our 1 st Value/Growth Investing Workshop, Simple Investor and I will be conducting our 2 nd Value/Growth Investing Workshop on the 3 rd November 2017. You can read about our 1 st Value/Growth Investing Workshop from these bloggers whom came for it. Write up by Brian of 3F: Write up by Christopher of Growing Your Tree of Prosperity: Write up by Richard of Invest Openly: In additional to their feedback, we have also gotten other feedback from the participants. And so we will be presenting the investing workshop a bit differently this time and we believe it will be BETTER than the 1 st Value/Growth Investing Workshop. Rather than quantitative, it will be more qualitative. Be it

Another Unique Method - Bottom Fishing

How should a regular retail investor hedge against a raging bull run? If you feel the market is going to turn and you don’t want to SHORT, what can you do? I am generally a LONG only investor managing a very low 6 digit portfolio figure. I don’t SHORT and I also don’t know how to short. I have the belief that Mr Market is slightly overheated. However, even if I think it will crash, I still believe in staying vested rather than timing the market. This is because over the long term, I DON'T KNOW WHEN MR MARKET WILL CRASH. (The joke is on me. I always felt that 2017 will crash, but look at how fast it has rise! Lucky, I continue to stay vested.) I have the opinion that there are many other retail investors out there with the same thoughts. So I hope sharing of this method will enlighten them. Do note that I have spoken about this method before in this post  before. But since the bull run have been very strong, I like to emphasize on this method again. I call this method “

A Matter of Questionable Management

Singhaiyi Holdings Ltd (Singhaiyi) was a great call previously by me. I average upwards when it announces an exceptional Q1 2017. However, its recent purchase of Sun Rosier is a bit hard to accept. There were explanations that their purchase price was too high. Nevertheless, I decided to hold on to them as I believe the management may have a different view. But I realized Singhaiyi missed out reporting that it was awarded a public tender of a string of commercial units from OKH Global Ltd (OKH) when they were the only bidder. Announcement made by OKH on 11 Jul 2017 No announcement by Singhaiyi on 11 Jul 2017 For those that do not know, Singhaiyi and OKH technically are owned by the same parent company - Haiyi Holdings Pte Ltd.  This meant that this was actually a related party deal. From my experience, I doubt any related party deal will be fair to the minority shareholders. Furthermore, not announcing the "award" makes it looks like Singhaiyi maybe o

This Counter Flew Up Into The Sky!

Sometimes Mr Market screw you up, sometimes Mr Market give you surprises! Ocean Sky International Ltd   (Ocean Sky) was a counter I bought on 31 Jan 2017. It is a micro-penny counter that went under a structure change at the end of last year. They change their business from manufacturing clothing to becoming a construction company. I was a bit disappointed when Ocean Sky released its full year results for 2016 on 1st March 2017. Its net profit was boosted by “other income” – recognition of fair value gain on investment property in Cambodia, and its balance sheet has significant “goodwill”. In my opinion, these are just “air” fundamentally. Nevertheless, I kept holding on to it because I believe the company will need to drive the share price up with business activities. Furthermore, this counter is rather illiquid. Share price move up and down significantly, but only due to small volume. However, I realized the company started to announce the purchase of properties to develop s