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"One With Dormitory Business"

As per my previous post, I will be writing about "One with the dormitory business". I am not sure if your guess is correct. But the stock that I will be writing about is - Centurion Corporation Limited. Do note that this is not part of my dividend series. Profile In Short (Directly taken from AR2015) Centurion Corporation Limited is one of Singapore’s largest workers and student accommodation owner-operators. It owns, develops and manages quality workers  accommodation assets in Singapore and Malaysia, as well as student accommodation assets in Singapore, Australia and the United Kingdom. Established in 1981 as an audio cassette tape manufacturing business in Singapore, it became one of the market leaders in the optical storage media industry and was listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange in 1995. Following a reverse acquisition exercise in 2011, the Group successfully diversified into the accommodation business to capture growth opportunities in this

Some Updates For T.U.B Investing Blog

Its been some time since I posted anything as I have been overseas.   Do you know which country is this?   I am also rather busy as I am creating an extended website for T.U.B Investing blog.   Remember  the idea  of producing a website full of Enhanced Triple S Scorecard with Dividend Scorecard Portion on all the stocks in SGX?   Yes. This is in the works and it will be named T.U.B Circle (means within this circle only) . The initial phase of this project will only be available for participants of my sharing session with T.U.B. If you are interested to know more, you can come for the 4th Sharing Session with T.U.B on 18 Nov.   I have stated I will be more focus on Blue Chips now. Currently I am reviewing various blue chips; I will be putting up on an extended write up on Fraser Centrepoint Ltd  with amendments to Far East Orchard Ltd  (Thanks Desmond in pointing out my mistake) and with the addition of Wheelock Properties Ltd. I will also be writ

My In-depth Analysis of Fraser Centrepoint Limited

Influenced by B’s post , I went into the in-depth analysis of Fraser Centrepoint Limited. Actually, this stock has been on my watchlist for ages. But I decided to postpone it as I was busy at work and also busy with promoting the Dividend Scorecard as well as my sharing sessions. Nevertheless, after my in-depth analysis, I made the purchase of Fraser Centrepoint Limited. The reason of my in-action previously was that I am unable to find the answer to this question - “Why choose Fraser Centrepoint Ltd over the other listed firms which are in the same industry?” The 2nd question I had on my mind is that - “Why not choose a REIT if you want a high dividend yield?” I found the answer pretty quickly to the 2nd question: In my opinion, REITs is mainly purchased for the dividend yield. But for a REIT to grow, it may need to do a rights issue, which may dilute my shares in future. This is something I am not keen on. Furthermore, some REITs tend to become a dumping ground for

4th Sharing Session with T.U.B

This will be my last Sharing Session with T.U.B for the year and it will be relatively different due to the following: 1. It will be conducted on a weekday evening. 2. The session will be shorten to 2.5 hours. The reason for this change is because people have been requesting for weekday sessions and I decided to cater to it. However, since I will be working, the session can only be conducted in the evening. This resulted in the shortening of the session from 5 hours (excluding 1 hour for lunch break) to 2.5 hours. Nevertheless, please do not worry about the lack of content as I will make sure that the full information be presented to the participants. As for newcomers, who intend to come for the 4th Sharing Session with T.U.B, can also come for future sessions that I conduct next year, for recap purposes, for FREE. Repeat participants can come for free as well. Similarly, to the 3rd Sharing Session with T.U.B, participants of this session will be able to understand the

My Plan Has Change...

The economy is sick. Currently, it seems like no “bad” news is good news. When Fed didn't increase the interest rate, the market seem to be in a sudden boom. When oil price rise a bit, we become so happy and it seems like oil has rise to $80 again. When oil price drop a bit, we become so scared. But when a big firm, such as Hanjin or Deutsche Bank came out with major bad news, the whole world shakes in fear for A WHILE only. For we believe the governments will come to their aid. What happens if there is no aid? Does the current share prices seem valid? No longer are there any announcement of big projects that cause the share price to move. Share price movement are influenced drastically by analyst nowadays. The effect will be sudden pump and dump. We are like drug addicts. We are addicted to analyst reports. Without any analyst report, no one dares to buy or invest. Oh… and I can hardly find any good stocks. Good stocks that consistently earn profits, give consi

Sing Holdings Ltd - Latest Purchase of Residential Site at Fernvale Road

Being the advocater of Sing Holdings Ltd previously, I feel that I should provide my comments on their latest purchase of the residential site at Fernvale Road. This plot of land seems to be besides or near High Park Residences, that was purchased and developed by Chip Eng Seng. This purchase was also a collaboration between Sing Holdings Ltd (70%) and Wee Hur Holdings Ltd (30%). Details of the Purchase as per below (The document is as per attached in this link .) There are 2 discussion points which I believe I should address: 1. Is this a good purchase? The bid works out to $517.03 psf (per square feet). As compared to High Park Residences, which Chip Eng Seng bought for only $438/448 psf for 2 times this plot of land. As discussed in valuebuddies forum , larger plots of land has cheaper construction and marketing cost due to bigger scale. Despite the above, I believe this is still a good purchases due to 2 points: - Collaboration with Wee Hur Holdings Ltd This me