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Reflecting on My Investment in Digital Turbine (APPS): Assessing the Future Potential Despite Past Challenges

Originally intended as a paid article, circumstances led me to publish it for free on my blog instead. As a result, I kindly request your support by sharing this article and clicking on the Google Ad on the side. Your gesture would be greatly appreciated! Why I Remain Invested  I was asked to share my thoughts on Digital Turbine (APPS) in light of ongoing discussions on X . As a long-term shareholder who has closely followed the company, I feel compelled to explain my rationale for persisting as an investor despite challenges.  I initially purchased APPS shares around $30, witnessing the stock rise above $90 before helplessly watching it plummet to just $5 over three years. While I sold a small portion in the $8-10 range, the bulk of my position remains deeply unrealized. It once comprised a sizable allocation that has now dwindled considerably due to further declines rather than averaging down. Chart of Digital Turbine over last 5 Years. From SeekingAlpha Thus, given the negligible c

Cordlife Group's Prospects Hindered by Industry Headwinds

I was going through some old documents and found my receipt showing that I had previously paid Corvyiva's services. As a new dad, Corvyiva provided an alternative form of insurance for my loved ones. Cost was not the primary concern, but when competition exists price war inevitably follow. Fundamentally, I chose Corvyiva at that time due to their offering the same service at a lower price point. It is worth noting that there is also a publicly traded company that provided similar services in the commercial storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Cordlife Group Ltd (CGL) lists on the SGX. I recall placing the company on my watch list when I began blogging in 2015, though I ultimately did not invest.  Cordlife Logo As the company's share price has noted better periods in the past, I was fortunate in my decision. From Google Finance Moving forward, it may be interesting to analyze CGL current business model to determine whether re-adding the firm to my portfolio watchlist is m

Trivago's Latest Financial Update and Revised Dividend Dates

This is a follow-up to my initial write-up on Fundflicks regarding Trivago (TRVG) . Alongside the release of the latest financial results, there have been changes to the ex-date and payment date. The payment date has been revised to November 13, 2023, instead of November 3, 2023. Similarly, the ex-date has been shifted to November 14, 2023, instead of November 2, 2023. Furthermore, the consolidation of the ADS from 5 to 1 will occur on November 17, 2023. During this period, the ADSs will be traded with a "due bill" that includes the assignment of the right to receive the dividend. This arrangement will continue until the ex-date of November 14, 2023, which is the first business day after the payment date. The most significant information to note is that the dividend remains unchanged at €$0.5298 , and withholding tax still applies to foreign investors. Additionally, TRVG has announced its latest Q3 FY23 financials: During this quarter, the company incurred a substantial los