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Be Aggressive

Short Post. So... I guess a lot has happened over the last few weeks, especially with CCP on the HK stock market and US market since earning season. My portfolio has been on stagnating for a while. For those that know how my fund is formed, I was told to be more aggressive. Thus, that is what will be happening - I will be making significant changes to my portfolio. I will be selling all my Singtel position (No worries, selling into gains) and also be selling UVE - a position that I finally decided its time to move on.  I will use the funds and average down into S$0.10 and Alibaba, as well as some of my US positions. Just felt I had to informed all. See you on the next post! More information on APPS are being shared in the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group (please google for the links!). So if you are interested to know more, please join us in the Telegram Group.

APPS FUD or Risk?

Vested with average share price of US$46 (with an initial share price of US$38.30 and also the use of options). As per Wikipedia, Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a propaganda tactic used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, polling and cults. FUD is generally a strategy to influence perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information and a manifestation of the appeal to fear. I don’t want people to think I only want to hype up Digital Turbine (APPS) . All investment has risk. It just that I felt there are too many positives going for APPS and the share price trending down right now seems unjustified. By looking at the high sales volume from 9 Aug onwards (more than the regular 1+m to 2m shares traded) and along with the comments and information from Reddit and Seeking Alpha, it is hard to believe these sale volumes is from retailers. I believe most of it should be from institutions, and then retailers actually followed. As per Y

20 Catalysts On Digital Turbine's Future Growth

I don’t know why Digital Turbine (APPS) has been on the downtrend since their latest financial announcement. There could be 101 reasons that the company has been trending downwards. One of the most “believable” reason I heard is that the privacy issue is still up in the air in US, especially with Apple already launching iOS 14. Investors always do not like uncertainty and how this “privacy” affect the AdTech industry is still uncertain. But I like it and I have been buying on the dip. I have mentioned about APPS significantly on this blog already. Thus, I will just put some pointers about APPS (that I never mention before) , the latest transcript, on Fyber and Adcolony. So here it goes… 1.        Gross Margin – One of the main misunderstanding of APPS is its low Gross Margin (as compared to other AdTech firms) . The reason is because for every $3 APPS earn, $1 goes to OEM, $1 goes to Operator, $1 goes to APPS.   2.        Business Model & Competition – Due to this, inv

Back... With Updates On My Portfolio

Hello everyone, it has been a long long time since I wrote anything. I had been restless for the last few months. In fact, over the last month, I had probably watched so much Netflix, Korean Drama and Movies that even the whole of last 2 years pales in comparison. It seem like I am playing catch up on “what I liked to do but stopped myself from doing because I felt I am wasting time” . Other time where I wasn’t working from home or watching drama/movies, I spent them with my daughter. Dancing, painting, going for lessons…just some father and daughter time. It was a great rest. I don’t mind having more of such time but NOW it is probably time to contribute to the investing community again. For a start, I did some amendment to my strategy by adding HK stocks to the mix as shown in the picture below. My Strategy For this article, I will be commenting and mentioning my portfolio in 3 segments – SG, HK and US . SG portfolio Reduced QAF by 40% holdings – Company only announc