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The Cryptocurrency that will Fulfill its Potential in the Mass Market

Since my last post , I decided to try to understand more about Cryptocurrency. So I went on to ask my friend, whom is definitely more knowledge in the field of Cryptocurrency than me, a question that has always been on my mind:  "Which is the cryptocurrency that will fulfill its potential in the mass market?" He went on to write a whole article on this and I decided to share it on my blog. Do note that I know cryptocurrency is a subjective topic and depending on how one interpret this question, everyone will probably has a different choice and different opinion. Thus, I will suggest that everyone reads with an open mind. I read twice in order to understand it. Guest Post: The Decentralised Stablecoin, UST. No one uses Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana to pay for things. But people do use stablecoins like USDC & USDT to pay for things. Let’s discuss a stablecoin that’s aiming to become the best.  $UST, Terra USD is project that aims to build a better stablecoin, or a better US D

TUB Snippets 3: Metech International Limited

I have so far written 2 TUB Snippets .  I have sold Tapestry Inc for a 20% profit. I have also sold FSL with a 10% profit once the dividend comes in. I am still holding on to the rest of the companies. For this article, I just like to talk a bit more on Metech International Limited by attempting to predict the possible revenue in 2022 for its new business in lab-grown diamond.  After all, the company has already established numerous relationship around the globe and will have started producing the diamonds as of end Dec 21. The Revenue Formula is: Number of Diamond produced per machine X Number of Carat per Diamond X Success Rate X Number of Times the Machine Can Run in 1 Year (i.e 52 weeks) X Number of Machines Bought By The Company X Price per Diamond per Carat X USD/SGD Exchange Rate Metech Intl Press Release Taken from Alibaba Website Taken from Walters and Hogsett website Taken from with clarity website. Based on the information above: Number of Diamond produced per machine - 100 

String of Thoughts On Metaverse / NFT / Digital Currency [On-Going]

This will be a string of my on-going strings of thoughts on Metaverse, NFT and Digital Currency (cryptocurrency) . I just like to have a post to consolidate my thoughts on these 3 Topics - in order to understand more about the future (and if I forget) .  Anyone who want to join this discussion can place your comments in the comment box below and NOT any of the comments on various platforms that this post appears. This will allow a consolidation of thoughts. 22 Nov 21 Metaverse 1. Metaverse require NFT and digital currency to work. 2. Digital Currency might or might not be Crypto Currency. It can be just a currency within the ecosystem. 3. A metaverse is like a planet. In future, there will be numerous "planets" to form a metaverse "universe". 4. FB will not produce the whole universe. It will only be one of the "planet". NFT 5. A NFT developer can earn a recurring % from every transaction on that specific NFT that he created. For example if person A create

On Medium and Update On Top 10 Positions

Hi all,  I will be utilizing as a spin off from my Blog for my exclusive write up – The 10X Potential.   It is basically a write up on companies that I am VESTED in and believes that the company has a 10X potential. These companies could be a recent investment or an existing long-term position. Don't worry, judging from my frequency in writing, I don't think I will be writing more than 2 articles under the Medium profile. Thus, it will be free for you regardless. Nevertheless, I appreciate if you could follow me on Medium - Help me hit 100 followers! Do read up on my first article under my Medium Profile - An introduction to The 10X Potential So now for  the details of the Top 10 Positions and some portfolio updates... 1. Tencent (0700) - 14.5% 2. Digital Turbine (APPS) - 11.4% 3. Cerence Inc (CRNC) - 9.0% 4. Alibaba (9988) - 8.1% 5. Hut 8 Mining (HUT) - 7.8% 6. Palantir (PLTR) - 6.3% 7. Disney (DIS) - 6.0% 8. FuboTV (FUBO) - 5.8% 9. CapitaLand Integrated Commercial

At Last, From to Custom Domain!

I just like to announced that I have made the move to having a Custom Domain!  Haha... it sure took a long while before I do that. Been advised by many to make this change, but I have been delaying. Nevertheless, I wanted to be "a bit" more serious about my writing. So decided this was the time to make the changes. However, My Google Adsense Account has not been reflecting well on this custom domain and its not showing up. If anyone can help, do comment. I read that I needed to wait 45 days and then reapply to my Google Adsense account. Hopefully things work out eventually. Do note that I do not earn much from the Google Adsense Account. I have received very very very very little only for so many years of writing. But every cent counts right? Anyway, there will probably more updates in the future on my plans.  See ya!