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Adtech - The Booming Industry

In the past, I had done a webinar on EV and also wrote about Sports betting as an industry. In my portfolio, Tesla remains the only EV company, while FuboTV being the only company that is still active in the sports betting industry.  Generally 1 do not write articles on a particular sector - because I am not an expert in these industries and I definitely do not want to provide any wrong idea/information about them.  However, my portfolio has been increasing its allocation towards the Adtech Industry.  Image Credit: Martech Advisor Thus, I did more research for my own benefit and here are some of my opinions. Macro Views: 1. Shift from Traditional Advertising to Digital Advertising With the advent of the internet, more smartphone usage, and increased viewing on streaming channels in recent years, there has undoubtedly been a move toward digital advertising. This was more evident after the pandemic, as many of the Adtech companies hit record revenue and profit in FY2021. 2. Time Saver P

No Recession

The market has already gone upwards, so this post may be a little late. However, I'd like to share some of my ideas on the current economic situation. There was many discussion about recession fears lately, even at my work place. In my opinion, there will be no recession because many firms are still developing or contributing to society in some way. Goods are still in high demand. In addition, if there is a crash, the alternative investment should crashes first - which I have yet to notice. My view is that there is still a lot of money out there, probably staying on the sidelines or "stuck" in investment that may not be as liquid,  such as NFT and Cyptocurrency. Personally I do not think money will really be destroyed. To me, money is a flowing concept.  The volatility or the sudden lack of liquidity in various investments over the last 2 years has been a result of the massive quantity of money rotating, from one type of investment to another. Information taken from CBIns

TUB Snippets 4: Forgotten Healthcare Companies in SGX

For those who are new to the blog, I have three on-going series: 10X Potential Series, Portfolio Update, and TUB Snippets. TUB Snippets are for companies that I've looked into (but not necessarily invested in) and want to share my brief thoughts on.  Please note that I no longer own any of the businesses mentioned in the past TUB Snippets. Today, I will be writing about these 3 forgotten healthcare companies in Singapore. 1. Offer Announced - Singapore O&G Ltd (SOG) (Ticker: 1D8) Basically the Group gets S$0.295-a-share takeover offer from vehicle linked to Dymon Asia.  Based on the FY2021 results of EPS of 1.75 cents and NAV of 10.25 cents (Singapore dollars) , this will be PE of 16.85x and PB of 2.87x. Thus, my opinion is that this PE and PB can be taken as a market standard moving forward for medical group with specialized services. 2. Omicron Wave - Healthway Medical Corporation Ltd (HWM) (Ticker: 5NG) When looking at the entire healthcare industry on the SGX, HWM stands o

Updates On My Top 10 Positions (Including The $21.8K Portfolio)

Its been some time since I updated my portfolio s . To recap, I have a few on-going portfolios  (including the new $21.8k portfolio *) that I am managing. Thus, this update is a result of the consolidation of all companies in the various portfolios.  *Note that I will not be updating the $21.8k portfolio separately. But I will write an article on it once the whole experiment ended. In the last update of my positions , I have already mentioned that things are not looking good in my portfolios, especially since I was more of a small cap investor.  The market has been on a further downward trend as a result of recent macro events such as the Ukraine-Russia war and potential Fed interest rate hikes, and this is reflected in my portfolio as well. Somehow my portfolio may have went back to March 2020 levels.  With the released of the recent quarterly earnings, I have further consolidated the positions through the following actions: Sold 2 of my previous Top 10 positions - Disney and Cerence

Understanding Support Levels For FuboTV (FUBO) Using TA

Some of my friends have questioned why I am using Technical Analysis (TA) during this period. However, I feel precisely that it is "this kind of time" that investors should embrace TA.  By knowing the important support levels will give me a better grasp of how I should average down when the macro economy is in such a bad situation, with so much uncertainty, and the stock market is on the decline. After all, our resources are limited, thus having more knowledge is essential. Therefore I have requested my friend to provide me another technical analysis for FUBO.  To give you a better idea of what my friend does, he is a swing trader with a longer term timeframes.  He basically does not day trade. If the company hits his target price (even earlier than his timeframe) , he will sell. As a result, what he supplied is most likely an entry point with a time limit of a few weeks to a month. Image taken from SLCDunk Website As compared to the  previous post , he seem to use a differe

Understanding Support Levels For Digital Turbine Inc (APPS) Using TA

For those who have read my writings, I am a FA investor with a focus on the company's business model, competitors, competitive advantage, management, and financials. Digital Turbine Inc. (Ticker: APPS) is a company that I have the highest conviction in. I have a friend who invests using Technical Analysis. Thus, I asked for his assistance in tracking APPS so that I could figure out what entry points I should pay attention to. After all, APPS is on a downtrend and I want to know the significant support levels which I should average in, especially for someone who do not have any technical analysis knowledge. Thus, he sent me the following on 1st March 22 and explained he will be using Fibonacci and Elliot Wave to determine the potential entry prices: Technical Analysis For Digital Turbine Inc (APPS) as of 1/3/22 To simplify his explanation, he stated that Elliot Wave complements and work well with Fibonacci. 38.2 percent and 61.8 percent retracements are usually significant support