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My 1st YouTube Video!

Hi Readers, I have been wanting to try out the YouTube Platform. So during the circuit breaker period, I used some time to come up with my 1st YouTube Video ! Please support and like the video , and subscribe to the channel (1st try, give some face lah...) In the video , I discussed on my upcoming plans during this Covid-19 period and also a deep dive into a core position in my portfolio. The core position is the Left Back in my soccer team strategy . Appreciate your support! Feel free to join my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram group . We talk about everything under the sun about investing with a focus on US, HK (slightly lesser) and SG companies.

Peter Lynch 1994 Lecture

What can we do during "Work From Home" WFH period? As per Simple Investor always tells me - "read, read and read to gain knowledge". However, I realise my attention span cannot last for many books (1+ books at most). Thus, I turned to YouTube to gain more knowledge or rather to regain/remember what I should be practising. During this Covid-19 crisis, everyone will be confused about the economy and what they should do. I am no difference. Nevertheless, watching this YouTube Video helps me clears some confusion. Some information that I gather from the video: 1. If you like the company at $10, you should like it even more at $6. 2. You should know your company and be able to explain to a ten year old why you bought the company in 5 mins. 3. Volatility is good. 4. Focus on your core competencies. 5. Understand how your company will perform in year 5, 6 and 7. 6. Something bad is always bound to happen. 7. Focus on facts.

Looking Back And Moving Forward...

Hi all, If you were a constant reader of TUBInvesting Blog, you will have noted what I have done since Oct 2019. 1. I restarted my portfolio - meaning the share price of all my companies were stated as of the date I "restarted" the portfolio. 2. I started a Crazy Portfolio - aiming for significant 400% in 10 years. This plan is to make enough capital gain for my daughter's future. I am no Guru. Thus, I had to give myself more time to hold onto the companies to watch them grow. 3. The Crazy Portfolio was aimed to be more focus on the US market. I did that till the crisis came along. Now it has become more focus on SG market. (SG/US/HK = 60%/38%/2%)  4. I wrote an article that Intrinsic Value is subjective and we should not be conservative about it. 5. I went on to borrow an amount I believe I can repay fully when I realise I am almost fully vested at the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Nevertheless, I believe I have roughly about 20% of cash now since I sold s

Abstracts From Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group

Since the start of Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, I have been more active on the group than anywhere else. This is because it is really easier to bring my thoughts across and simply, it is easier to type on the go. No spell check too. Anyway I feel that I had some short write up that I like to share. Please enjoy! 1. One of the member asked. "Actually do you do mostly trading for tech stocks or do you hold and take profit after you gain let’s say 50% to 100% etc"? TUB:  "OK. These are my thoughts after a short walk to the hawker to clear my mind. Firstly I am no guru. So these are just my opinions. 1. Previously I use to have "The theory of buying and selling". Basically it is a theory of buying core + excess positions. Then you trade around those excess position to reduce your average price. This theory is still in place but it is followed by these other 3 factors. 1a. Your awareness as an investor. Being a fund manager, I tend to be an a