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The Happy, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I have been thinking about what to write lately. But I seem to have ran out of ideas, although I also have a lot of other things on my mind (more on this later) . Investing Is Getting Boring Since engaging in Big Ideas Investing Theory, I found myself no longer affected by daily news unless it relates to my targets or companies with my portfolio. In addition, I felt rather muted now that the market is rising. I feel like I am watching a soap opera when I look at the stock market. Is this why Gurus says “investing is watching the paint dry”? Should I Follow Them? Looking at the blogsphere, I also realized that there are prominent bloggers that have stopped writing. This has been picked up by Chris of Trees of Prosperity  . I actually had that thought too. Currently, I am managing a Telegram Group, FB Page, InvestingNote Profile, Fundamental Scorecard Website and Moat Scorecard on Investing Note. If readers like to know more about me, there is no lack of

The Hongkong Stock Market Dilemma

Being a value investor and probably an educator, as well as a researcher, I am very confused over the back-testing I have done via the Hongkong Stock Market. In this post , I have stated that my back-testing shown that Hongkong Stock Market do not react well to Top 5 Criteria Test Version 1, Top 5 Criteria Test Version 2 and TUB Score Version 2. However, in the event, I do not follow these metrics to invest in Hongkong Stock Markets - I do not feel that I have a significant margin of safety. I have also mentions my dilemma in this InvestingNote post  and many gurus had also provided their views. Do read them in the comments to the InvestingNote Post. My Dilemma Stated In InvestingNote Anyway, I am going to find the answers to my questions again. This answer has to make sense and be easily explainable to others as well. Here I go again... If you are interested to know more about The Ultimate Scorecard or Full Analysis, do visit the Fundamental Scorecard website for more

Updates and Revelation of Big Idea 2

As per my Big Ideas Investing Theory, many of you may not really know the company behind my Big Idea 2 . It is a company which I have held for more than 2 years and I had communicated significantly in my blog. Since 18th Sep 2018, Big Idea 2 has announced that it is in talks to sell one of its 76% owned subsidiary. This subsidiary is the company's main Cash Cow! As of yesterday, the company had announced that it had confirmed the full disposal of the subsidiary with a gain of over US$69 Million! Abstract from Announcement Abstract from Announcement This is probably the best news I had heard for my investing journey since 2018! Anyway, without further ado, it is time to reveal the company... the company is Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd! With the help from the calculation method as per my previous post on the company, the indicative book value of the company seem to be in the range of between S$0.500 to S$0.545. In Short With the book value in mind, my strategy t