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Exciting News Ahead For This Counter!

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope everyone have a great year ahead! For many investors and traders, Chinese New Year came early asthe Singapore Stock Market is in a buoyant mood and a lot of people are making gains. For me, I was lucky to get enough rights excess of the Sabana REIT to have an average price of $0.320. I have since sold all my Sabana REIT shares. The other lucky shot I had was Singhaiyi Group Ltd . As I have written on 25 Jan 2017, I bought the shares at a low average price of $0.099. A day after my article was posted, the company made the announcement that they have divested all their holdings in TripleOne Somerset for $100 Million. This is a gain in disposal of asset for at least $30 Million. SGX Announcement Another important fact on this transaction is that on the 2016 annual report, the company actually has $45.8 Million of junior bonds issued to the entity owning TripleOne Somerset. This junior bonds will be returned in full to Singhaiyi Group Ltd. 2

"This Singapore counter rise 30% over 3 days!"

As some of you have read, I have adjusted my investment methods this year in order to achieve my target gain of in excess of 10% for my portfolio by the end of 2017. Other than looking at counters that pass my Enhanced Triple S Scorecard or the Dividend Scorecard Portion, I am also looking for counters with sustainable business model with catalyst that will ignite the share price significantly. Last Friday I came across Singhaiyi Group Ltd . The share price was at 52 weeks low of 9.6 cents. By the end of Tuesday, the share price was at 12.8 cents. A 33% jump in share price within 3 days! Profile In Short As per their website, "SingHaiyi Group Ltd is a fast-growing and well-rounded real estate specialist with unique access to real estate opportunities in Asia and USA. With our knowledge in real estate development, real estate investment and real estate management, we enjoy multiple income streams through our diversified portfolio of quality residential, comme

Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd - Sitting On Unrealised Gold

Readers of my blog will know that I am a huge supporter of this counter, Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd . Fundamentally it still stand as one of the best property counter in my view - loaded with cash that can at least cover the dividend for another 3 years and having development properties without any debt. Recently, I had a discussion with a reader on this company. He is an accountant and were asking me some questions on its financials. I was able to answer some, while others requires a lot of digging. Nevertheless, he came to a conclusion that the "Development Properties" stated on the Current Asset were at "cost". I double checked on the 2016 annual report and found this to be true. This meant that I am  "sitting on unrealised gold" by having this counter as part of my portfolio. A screenshot of the Current Asset in its latest Quarterly Financials A screenshot of the Development Properties in its 2016 Annual Report. Then, one day, while

An Interview with "SG TTI"

As stated in the last post of 2016, I am restarting the interview series. I will try to have an interview with an interesting investor every month in 2017. For Jan, I will start with interviewing SG Thumbtack Investor  aka SG TTI. If you have yet to read his blog , I urged you to do so soon. I only knew about his blog after he sent me an email to exchange on a guest post . Right now, I constantly read his blog posts. They always amazed me. I will always have new enlightenment of the particular company and industry due to the details he goes into. Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview questions and "SG TTI" answers! 1. Tell us more about yourself SG TTI: I am a Singaporean male in my mid-30s, married with 2 young kids. I have a day job in the healthcare sector as a doctor. Concurrently, I am also the CIO for a privately held investment holding company that manages the assets of family and associates. When I'm not at my day job, I like to

New Explanation for PE and PB Ratios

So the morale of the Untold Story  that I want to portray is that: 1) Please don't anyhow follow the trend, follow the people, follow the tips; 2) Do your own analysis and make your own decision. I believe if you constantly make your own decision, you will slowly find the right criteria and start making gains! To assist a newbie on making this decision, I suggest using these 2 ratios to see if the particular counter is TOO SIGNIFICANTLY OVERVALUED. 1) PE Ratio  The first ratio is the regular Price to Earning Ratio. It is basically taking the Share Price divided by Net Profit per share (There maybe other calculations on the net, but I believe this is the most popular calculation of this financials) . To understand this ratio further, it is good to get a counter with a low PE Ratio. For this ratio, I interpret it as Price to Expectation Ratio . The higher the ratio, the higher the expectation of its up-coming earnings/net profit. Therefore, if the net profit falls bel

The Untold Story Of The Stock Market

Before I start telling you the story, I just like to tell the readers that I am not "forgetting" about the Singapore Stock Market. Although I am starting to look at the U.S. Stock Market, but I will not forget my roots. I will be updating on my Sabana REIT journey soon... So let get back to this "Untold Story". Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any similar event/name/situation are just coincidental. Tom owns some shares of Company A, which was listed. Company A has become a penny stock and no one has traded for a long time. So Tom decided to take action. Tom had a huge network and told his network of rich friends, Peter, Dick and Harry to buy Company A. He started to accumulated more of Company A too. Furthermore, he advised his friends to buy in different tranches. Thus, the shares price did not increase significantly suddenly. He also told Peter, who works in a stockbroking firm to advise his customers to buy as well. But Peter not only told his

My 1st Post of 2017

I will just like to apologize for the lack of post for the last 2 weeks. Other than taking the holiday breaks, I am busy learning about US Stock Market. As I have emphasized so many times, I intend to invest in the US Stock Market in the very near future. Many will ask why will I invest in the US Stock Market now, when Dow Jones Index is at all time high? There are 2 reasons. Firstly I want to have some distraction off Singapore Stock Market, I want to be less active in buying and selling in the Singapore Stock Market. I believe this will help in my goal of attaining a capital gain of 10% eventually at the end of 2017. To explain further, there was a period I was so busy that I ignore the Singapore Stock Market for about 6 months. At the end of 6 months, I realised my portfolio rise more than 20%. Therefore, I believe I need some distraction to take my eyes of Singapore Stock Market and the value portfolio will need some time to be "found out". Secondly, my frien