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My 15% Portfolio - Changes After 1 Quarter

It is the time of the year again. As always, I will reveal my portfolio every quarter and make some notes about it. This time round, it will be called "My 15% Portfolio". This is because I am looking at a stretch target of 15% gain by end of the year (Read up on My 10% Portfolio here) . Do note that this portfolio was inherited from the portfolio at end of 2017 and their respective share price was restarted on 26 Dec 2017. Thus, any gain or losses was just based on the price changes over the last 3 months. Prior to taking a look at the changes in my portfolio, let me emphasize on the following: 1. This portfolio review is calculated from 26 Dec 2017 and the aim is to review the total portfolio gain after 1 year. 2. The counter's initial share prices are their respective share prices on 26 Dec 2017. 3. The gain and loss stated is just a simple calculation of the difference in share prices, ignoring the transaction fees. 4. At times, if stated, the gain

The Counter That I Regretted Saying "I Will Ignore It"

Warning: This will be a slightly long post. But it will be packed with information. I will like to apologize for the delay in putting up with this post due to the information I need to gather. I will be writing on Singhaiyi Group Ltd (Singhaiyi) that I am currently already vested in and also on its industry. I have wrote a few articles on Singhaiyi before – some good and some bad. Although in the last post, I already stated that I was going to ignore them. But I re-purchase them again recently. Prior to me explaining why I did that, let me explain about what had happened over the last 12 months (Earliest to the latest) :  1. Sold their stake in TripleOne Sommerset, 2. Did not exercise the rights to own OKH Global, 3. Owning 100% of the development of City Suites, 4. Acquire Sun Rosier via Enbloc Sales along with Haiyi Holdings 5. Acquire How Sun Park via Enbloc Sales along with Haiyi Holdings 6. Investing in Cromwell Property Group, the sponsor of Cromwell REIT. 7. Acq

Updates For You

I will be providing some updates of what could be happening over the next few months for TUBInvesting blog and Fundamental Scorecard. 1. Latest Corporate News Similar to many bloggers, I am working with PRNewswire Singapore to bring you the latest corporate news. I have specifically request only for news from US, Singapore and Hong Kong, and only with relations towards investment/finance, business and real estate. Just simply click on the tab located at the top for the “Latest Corporate News”. 2. Coffee With Us Many of you will have known that Simple Investor SG (Simple) and I have been conducting free Ask-Us-Anything sessions at The Star Vista food court. In future, the event will be called “Coffee With Us” , since we tend to have drinks while we discuss about anything related to investing. Although the turnout had not been fantastic, but we still deem the event a success because we are able to interact directly with the participants and the feedback has been p

The Value Of Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd

I have been looking for a counter to reduce my almost 30% of cash holding. Thus, an interesting counter stands out from the list of companies in my portfolio. That is Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd (CH) . Chuan Hup Holding Logo Over the last few months, CH share price has been hovering around and above 30 cents. I have been thinking of adding more of CH into my portfolio and have been rather reluctant because my average share price was much lower. However, a meet up with Simple Investor  reminded me about Warren Buffett’s quote - “Price is what you pay, but Value is what you get.” Therefore, I decided to look at the valuation of CH before deciding further. In my view, CH should be consider from a book value perspective rather than earnings or DCF perspective. This is because it act more like an investment firm due to the associate and subsidiary it has invested in. Hence, I settled on a “Sum of All Parts” calculation for CH. From CH's 2017 annual report, it owns the followi

What Gambling Reminded Me About Investing?

You may be wondering why did I, an investor, decided to discuss about gambling? This is because I went to Genting recently for 2.5 days and I LOST about $450 in GAMBLING (Yup, I gamble as well, especially when you are in Genting and the theme parks are still in renovation) . Although it may not be a lot in your eyes, but this lost was the most in my life when I gamble. Generally I was a careful gambler. I do not bet a lot in 1 game, unless I was very certain my winning odds were high. Furthermore, in casino, I do not participate in bets being more than RM 50. I cannot withstand the thoughts of losing more BECAUSE I knew the odds were already against me. In my view, 50% of the your winning odds comes from information gathered. The other 50% comes from LUCK. Therefore, based on the above information, I end up only playing jackpot, pontoon, 12 zodiac sign wheel of fortune (I don't really know the name) , and big small. From my experience and feeling throughout this trip, I act

The Story of GRP, Starland and ayondo

With the recent possible IPO news of ayondo Holding AG (ayonda) , there were some request on IN for me to write a post after I inform them to look at GRP Ltd (GRP) and Starland Holdings Ltd (Starland) instead. Do note that I am vested in the 2 counters, but have only very very small holdings. Short Background of the 3 Parties: Very long long time ago, GRP was in the business of providing hose supplies for the marine, oil and gas industry. In fact, I believe, many years ago, it was a Net Current Asset Value (NCAV) counter. Then in the last few years, it went into property development and acquired 83.17% of Starland Holdings Ltd in Jan 2016 (The shareholding structure changed a lot during the year. But to summarized, 83.17% is the current ownership.). Then in June 2017, ayondo Holding AG wanted to do a RTO with Starland and also had a loan from GRP. But in Sep 2017, the RTO was called off, and GRP as well as Starland had a settlement Ayonda.

Singtel, M1 and Starhub – Which Should I Invest In?

Once the darlings of many of the Singapore retail investors for their defensive nature and high dividend yield, telco counters’ share price had come down drastically after the announcement of the 4th Telco. Market share of these 3 incumbent telco counters are further reduced by the introduction of Mobile Virtual Network Operator ( MVNO ) , Circle Life, Zero Mobile, Zero1 and maybe  MyRepublic. However, being a believer of value investing and contrarian investing and maybe moat investing, I still believe that every counter does have a fair price. When the negativity of a counter is at its highest, when no one talks about it anymore, when the share price has been stagnant for a long time, the bottom could possibility been reached. I believe that is when one should pounced on the counter. However, these 3 counters are currently trading at their multi-year low share price. Which one should I choose? Rather than assets, my opinion is these Telco should be measured by their abilit