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My 15% Portfolio - Changes After 3 Quarters

I must have been too busy lately - juggling too stuff and having too many things on my mind. This is because I realise I have forgotten to put up a post on the update for my portfolio. Thus, here is a short post on my update. Please do note that this update is as of today, which is already 23 days off from 3rd Quarter 2018. Prior to taking a look at the changes in my portfolio, let me emphasize on the following: 1. This portfolio review is calculated from 26 Dec 2017 and the aim is to review the total portfolio gain after 1 year. 2. The counter's initial share prices are their respective share prices on 26 Dec 2017. 3. The gain and loss stated is just a simple calculation of the difference in share prices, ignoring the transaction fees. 4. At times, if stated, the gain could include dividends. 5. This review will include my overseas counters in USA and Hong Kong. End of 2 nd Quarter 2018 End of 3 rd Quarter 2018 Singapore Telecom

A Consolidation of Different Thoughts

Dear Readers, It has been some time since I wrote my last post. Thus, I will be consolidating many of my thoughts over this time in short articles below in this post. Happy Investors Despite A Bloody Market Picture taken from Moltey Fool STI had went down from over 3100 points to the current 3045 points as of today. Although you still seem to notice people stating that they had exit the market with “many bloody wounds”, but its seem that there are also many people looking forward to this drop. For myself, I basically went through excitement, panic and indifferent in a few days. Since then, I have stayed indifferent to all the market downturn as I felt maybe there are still many people looking to enter the market. On the other hand, my portfolio has since dropped about over 6.5% since 26 Dec 2017. This is almost similar with the drop in STI ETF (including dividend) . In any case, I am still not performing better than the market. But I believe I will get there. Anyway, I

The Road Less Traveled To Destination Unknown

This post was actually named as "Crazy Crazy Asian". This is because I am not rich YET . But I am sort of crazy. That is what some of my friends said about me. Firstly, they commented that there is no logic in my recent choice of employment. "So you went from a bank to a FI and now a fintech... this is not a path one will take." Next, they asked me, "how did you find time for all these other stuff I am doing?" Other stuff: Being a blogger, an investor, intending to have a fund, a co-founder to fundamental website, doing all sort of seminar, and also all these collaboration. Finally they commented that every crazy move has a plan. But my moves seem to be all over the place. After hearing about all these comments and some self reflection, I do realize that I am quite CRAZY . Thus the term - "Crazy Crazy Asian". I do seem to be taking on the road less traveled. In fact, I believe only a few traveled. But where is the destinatio

Big Idea 4 & Big Idea 6 - SOLD!

I have officially disposed all my positions in Big Idea 4 and Big Idea 6 . Since I have already sold, I will reveal what Big Idea 4 and Big Idea 6 are. Big Idea 4 is…Ellipsiz Ltd. In my last post, I have stated that “In 2 months’ time, it will announce its full year results and more answers on the use of its cash pile could be reveal in its financial report. Therefore, I will decide then on what to do with this company….” After the release of the annual report and receiving a reply from the investor relations, I have decided to offload all my position in Ellipsiz Ltd at a loss. Nevertheless, do note that this loss was based on my re-entered price. I had previously made a 280% gain on the company prior to selling all at its peak. So what were the factors that caused me to sell off this Big Idea? 1. Annual Report Abstract from Latest Annual Report In the above abstract, it seem like the Lums are intending to use this company as their investment holding firms. Other than i