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If Only I Am More Successful...

Sometimes, I blame myself for not being successful enough. Because if you are, maybe more people will listen to you. In Sep 2020, I put out a few post to inform people not to ignore STI ETF. 5 Sep 2020 -  The Risk Of Passive Investing In ETF 8 Sep 2020 -  If I Had To Choose - STI ETF or One of its Components? If you had enter on 4 Sep, you will be sitting on around 12% gain in almost 2.5 months? On 24 Sep 2020, I had also inform readers of my actions to purchase more US Stocks . Since then US stocks has made an amazing comeback! On 27 Oct 2020, I also inform readers of my thoughts of using SG as a hedge to my US Stocks. I also informed them to enter slow and steady, with caution. If any one of you had read and taken action, please comment on the post, on my FB page or just share this post. The fact is if anyone had taken action, they will be sitting on some gains now. But if you are in FOMO (Fear of missing out) mode, please switch out that mode and look at your cash pile. It is impor

Macy's Inc Analysis Came True?

US Stocks has been rising significantly! It was on FIRE ! Firstly Biden beat Trump.  And then on 9 Nov 2020 -  Vaccine hope increases significantly! Then BOOM! The US market went crazily green . Then Macy's Inc went up significantly! Screenshot from SeekingAlpha Just a recap - I uploaded a YouTube Video on Recovery Stock and also my selection of Macy's Inc as a company to purchase. In the video, I also did a SWOT business analysis! In addition, I also did a fireside chat on FB Live with JR_Chai where we chatted about the Investment Landscape and the sectors I am investing in. During this session, I also explained on my investment in Macy's Inc. So with the sudden share price gain, can I equate that my Macy's Inc analysis was spot on?  MAYBE. After all, without the analysis, I will not have the conviction to hold on to the company when the share price went from US$7 plus to almost US$6.  Nevertheless, as Investors, we must stay realistic and understand luck does play

Save Time On Quantitative Aspect of Investing Using Our Combined Scorecard!

It has been a long while.  At last, YES, it is back!  We are re-launching our Fundamental Scorecard Website ! After a really really long time, we have re-created a NEW Combined Scorecard where we combined the Ultimate Scorecard, the Full Analysis Scorecard and the Moat Scorecard into 1 SINGLE SCORECARD REPORT where everything we believe are important are in just 2 pages! Parts of the Combined Scorecard is in this post . You can also find parts of the Combined Scorecard from 3F Brian's Post in his blog and also on this post on his Facebook Page ! Read the guide below to understand more! I believe you definitely still have questions for us, thus we will be having a webinar to discuss Fundamental Scorecard and the Combined Scorecard on: 6 Nov 2020 (This Upcoming Friday), 8pm to 9.30pm.  On Zoom.  Click on this LINK on Friday to join us in the webinar!