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Introducing Winking Studios: Navigating the Impact of AI on Art Outsourcing and Game Development

Not Vested Winking Studios (WKS.SI) is a recently listed company in SGX that has made a name for itself as one of the largest Art Outsourcing and Game Development studios in Asia. With a team of highly talented artists and designers, WKS operates across multiple locations, including Singapore, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Taipei. Their impressive clientele boasts 21 of the top 25 game publishers worldwide, highlighting their prominence in the industry. Winking Studios Website Naturally, one might question whether the rise of AI could disrupt WKS business. With the proliferation of art generators and automated tools, it seems plausible that such technologies could threaten the demand for their services. However, WKS has addressed this concern in a detailed article published by Dollars and Senses, providing valuable insights that warrant consideration. While I won't delve into the specifics of their response, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter. The most significant

The Continuation of Beng Kuang Marine Turnaround Story

Not Vested Since my last write up , Beng Kuang Marine (BKM) has seen a remarkable surge in its share price, soaring from 6.7 cents to 16.5 cents as of today. Additionally, the company has attracted a new institutional investor , which is known for delivering impressive returns. The arrival of this investor suggests that something positive is happening within the company, making it more appealing to potential shareholders. Ginko-AGT Global Growth Fund Returns. Source: AGT Website If you’ve been following my earlier analysis of BKM, you’ve likely benefited from the recent surge in share price. However, it’s crucial to assess whether this upward trend is sustainable. To do so, we need to delve into the company’s fundamentals. After all, I believe the share price surge was driven by BKM’s successful turnaround in FY2023. It’s essential to determine if the underlying fundamentals will continue to improve.  If you're pressed for time , the bottom line is a definite "Yes."  He