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APPS Target Price

Without knowing, I realized I had written over 6 articles on Digital Turbine aka APPS. I could probably write another post on "20 points of APPS" .  But for this post, I want to try something different. I want to try to find out the "Target Price" (TP) for APPS.  The reason for doing this is that the share price of APPS has been going on a strong uptrend since 31 Aug 21. It is a bit too fast too furious for my liking, for which I am getting uncomfortable with APPS being my 2nd biggest holding in my portfolio. However, before I start, I like to define what I mean by TP. Ignore what everyone else say.   IMO, it is a subjective figure, a self-fulfilling prophecy, a figure that makes an investor feel better when we are bag-holding, and it should be as high as possible, till the point where we think this is ridiculous and you will want to sell.   With that, I will be having 2 approaches towards calculating the TP: Comparison against its peers using the average PS, PE,

Is A Company Culture Important In Investing?

Basically lately I had a poll in 2 different telegram groups - Fundamental Scorecard (my own's Telegram) and Invest for the Long Term (Boon Tee's Telegram Group) .  I was questioning if a company culture is an important factor in our investment thesis.  The main reason behind the question was that I used to look at Glassdoor rating as a consideration when I was choosing a company. But recently, there is a company that I was interested in that had a very bad Glassdoor Rating. That made me wonder if I should ignore it. Result from "Invest for the Long Term" Result from "Fundamental Scorecard" Thus, the poll results shows that more than 50% of Investors that participated in the poll stated that at least a company culture will have at least a 50% weightage in their investment decision making . This mean that if a company has a bad culture, technically you will ignore it. Nevertheless, the argument against the results were also significant - meaning it does not

TUB Snippets 2: SGX Companies

If you have read my old posts, you will know I still invest in SGX Companies. But since I have gotten into shorter term active trading, these are some of the SGX companies that I am VESTED IN for potential short term investment period. 1. Asian Pay Television Trust (Vested at S$0.132) Major shareholder shift as of 2021. As of Jul 21 – A press release was announced: "NCC (National Communications Commission of Taiwan) rejects Da Da Digital’s proposed transaction to acquire 65% indirect interest in the Trustee-Manager of APTT NCC’s decision has no impact on the operations and cash flows of APTT or TBC, nor the distribution guidance of 1.0 Singapore cent per unit for 2021 Araedis Investment Pte. Ltd., an associate of Da Da Digital, has been increasing its stake in APTT; remains committed to growing its partnership with APTT and TBC." The company is also involved in providing broadband services in Taiwan, and as per Q2 FY21 Report: "TBC remains on track to ca

TUB Snippets 1: Tapestry Inc (TPR)

Prior to talking about <Company 6>. I decided to start a new series on this blog called “TUB Snippets”. It will be a short and simple analysis that I did on companies I had looked at. As I revealed in my post on my portfolio, I have a 3 rd portfolio for active trading and also many small positions in the 3 portfolios (25% of the combined portfolio in 17 companies) . I realize as the economy move forward, there are many long term opportunities as well as short term opportunities. Thus, I will do small pockets of fast trading/short term trading (3 to 6 months) to take advantage of possible short term positive effects. Short term opportunities come from news or sudden mispricing, due to misreading of financials, or short-term economic shift – such as the energy crisis now, inflation crisis and the upcoming festive season. 1 of the opportunities was Waitr Holdings Inc (WTRH) . Screenshot from Finviz To keep the story short, the company intend to change the business model fro

2021 Strategy Series - Company 8 that starts with H

Vested with an initial share price of US$7.25 and an average share price at US$6.81 (including premiums over 10 options) Read till the end to know the name of Company 8. After my last blog post, there seem to be more people asking about <Company 8> rather than <Company 6>. Maybe because 8 means 发 (Fa/Huat/Prosperity) in Chinese? Thus, for this post I will be revealing Company 8 first and it will be called “8” in this post. Part 1 – What the Company Does? As per Seekingalpha, “8 operates as a cryptocurrency mining company in North America. The company engages in industrial scale bitcoin mining operations. It also owns and operates 38 BlockBoxes in Drumheller, Alberta; and 56 BlockBoxes in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.” Yes – it is a crypto-mining firm and an industry I had specifically chosen. This is because there was still no ETF on cryptocurrency and I cannot buy Grayscale BTC on Tiger. Furthermore, I am too lazy to

Top 10 Position In My PortfolioS

It’s been a long while as I update my blog. You can deem this as a return to writing till my “energy” runs out again. Market been volatile, so have my portfolio. Therefore, for this post, its probably time to talk a bit more about my portfolios and the top 10 positions. The Background of My PortfolioS For those that still do not know, I had 2 portfolio s .  As I had explained previously, one of them is solely US companies, and the other is a mixture of SG and US companies. What I did not state is that the one solely with US companies has a 3-year period. The one with a mixture of SG/US companies has a 10-year period. However, over time, both portfolios have changed. The timeline remains the same. But both of them currently has a mixture of US, SG and HK companies. In addition, I started a 3 rd portfolio that will consist solely of US companies lasting till Dec 21. This portfolio is a trading/active management experiment portfolio. Since starting in 30 Aug 21, I have lost 45%