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Happy New Year!

As we bring the year to a close and usher in the new year, I will just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Belated Merry Christmas, as well as an advanced Happy Chinese New Year! This year has been a blast for me - because my daughter is born. No matter what my returns are, nothing will be greater than her coming into my life. Thus, she is also the main reason I am away again for more than 1 month. Had to help to take care of her during the holidays as well as her taking up all my spare time. So I gave my wishes in advance and also my apologies for being away. Nevertheless, readers will know where to find me. Being the admin, I am super active on my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group . Please support and join. I am also continuing to share on my TUBInvesting Facebook Page . Do comment if you have any thoughts. I also tend to be lesser on IN nowsadays. But you can also find me there. Finally, I am also kept busy because I have restarted my portfolio (Yes,