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War Among the Titans

This article contains PART of my 1st Scorecard Newsletter written on 22 Aug 2018 for my Moat Scorecard subscribers.  This is the 1st write up of the Scorecard Newsletter just for you, as a subscriber.  This write up will comes with full disclosure on the companies that I will be discussing, even if they are in my portfolio. Do note that this write up will be reproduced on TUB Investing Blog 1 month later without full disclosure. Before I start, I like to discuss about the consequences that occurred during the Turkey-US crisis.  Basically, market went down quite drastically and it caught quite us by surprise. This signifies the volatility of the current market – a simple discussion between countries can result in multiple ripples globally.  This is most probably the Nth time I had said it – as a retail investor, we need to invest in a strong fundamental company to be able to avoid these ripple effect. Companies with strong moat will have strong fundamentals. With strong fund

How To Invest During A Weak Market?

Market has been moving on a downward trend. So how has your portfolio been doing? If your portfolio is down more than 3%, you will have been better off investing in the STI ETF. On the other hand, you may have exited many of your positions and will like to invest in companies that could probably be the fastest to rise back. You will be looking for companies that will be able to produce a “V” shape recovery and not a “U” shape recovery. Being the scorecard creators, Simple Investor and I had continued to create our 3rd Scorecard – The Moat Scorecard   (yes, I am repeating…). We believe that a company with a strong moat will be able to withstand the volatility of our current market and even if its shares are on a downward trend, it will probably provide the investor with a “V” shape recovery. For this post, I will not be repeating what about what the Moat Scorecard can do. But I will like to highlight on the backtesting we had done for this scorecard. Moat Score against T

A Letter to My Fundamental Scorecard Website Subscribers

Dear Subscribers of Fundamental Scorecard, Thank you for continuing to subscribe to us. The database has been updated. How have you been? As the 3rd quarter draws to a close, this year seems to give us a peak towards a pre-crisis market. Having a long-term mindset, we try our best to understand Mr Market while holding our core investing principles firm. This resulted me in changing The Ultimate Scorecard once again (without change name) . As I have stated previously, I removed the dividend scorecard portion and expanded on the valuation portion. Currently, the expanded valuation portion acts as a separate calculation of the valuation of the company based on the free cash flow it generated. It is called Estimated Valuation . It is an estimation of the value of the company based on 1. 0% growth; and  2. a series of discount rate ranging from 15% to 30%; and 3. The last 5 years of free cash flow it generated There is a second check on the valuation based on Graham

My New Role

I may seem to be sharing less on InvestingNote, My Facebook Page, and on my blog. This is because I am currently in a new job and a totally new role. When I say it is a new role, it actually meant that the job title did relate to what I had did over the many years, BUT THE ACTUAL ROLE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. The actual role and the expected role is like ketchup and chili sauce. Rightfully, it cannot be mixed. But they mixed it together. Previously, I was always able to tell black and white. Now, I find myself stepping into the grey area. One of the reason is because this a lean organization. This is only into my 6th day in the new role and I met lawyers, customers, came out with policy, met referrals and even looked at pricing and budget. I am like running my own business => Stress + No Time. During the last 6 working days, I also did not look at the market and I realise the STI and the market has fallen quite a lot.  But amazing, my portfolio only lacks behind the STI

An Interview With The Trendlines Group

Recently, I had emailed 2 separate companies' investor relations department. Both of the companies are in my portfolio but only 1 had replied. I am still waiting for the other company to reply... For those that have been waiting for this interview, sorry for the delay. Here it is - An Interview with The Trendlines Group! Do note that some of the questions came from other investors of The Trendlines Group. 1. Trendlines Group (aka Trendlines) has a decrease in the portfolio value as per the latest financial statement. May I know if it is due to writing off of companies? No companies were written off in Q2 2018. Only one company was written off in Q1 2018 due to lack of sufficient technological advancement and funding (amounting to approximately US$0.8 million - reported in the Notes to Income on page 14 of our Unaudited Financial Statements Q1 2018).  The decrease was mainly due to a decrease of US$2.3 million in the fair value of Stimatix GI Ltd., which was because of a

Big Idea 10

Now you must be wondering, "where the h*** did this idea came from?" Firstly, this is not a new idea. It has been in my portfolio since February 2018. As readers of my blog, you will have known that I had been consolidating my portfolio. But this idea has been in my portfolio and I realized I wanted to keep it. Thus, I decided to deem it as part of my Big Ideas Investing Theory. Before I continue, it is important to note that Big Idea 10 is not a company. It is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)  in the retail industry. Did you just said: "Oh My God? A Retail REIT? Don't you know that eCommerce is taking over the world? Retail shops has been closing here and there! Even Forever 21 is left with 1 shop in Singapore. Why did you choose a Retail REIT? " To answer that, I have to state that I believe retail space are still required. 1. eCommerce giants has went into the retail space, although these businesses are minly supermarkets.  This video  shows