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A Review Of The Recent Results Of A Comeback Kid, A Landbank Monster and A Samurai Chef

With another wave of results being released, I will be doing my 2nd review of some of the counters in my portfolio. Read the 1st review here. The Comeback Kid - Singhaiyi Group Ltd -  Full Year 2017 Results [No Review via Super Scorecard] Read here for the past write up of this counter. The reason this counter was name as  'Comeback Kid" because I bought, sold and bought this counter again over the space of 5 months. In January, I purchase this counter in at 97 and sold some of it at 113 within 2 days due to the sudden rise. By mid-Feb, I sold all of the remaining shares of this counter at 135. In April, I decided to repurchase this counter over 3 tranches at 120, 116 and 117. This was because based on my previous write up , I believe there are still many catalysts yet to be realised Thus, I was hoping that during the release of results, the company will be providing some catalyst to push the share price up. However, this did not materialize and the share pric

An Interview With Faye Wang

For this month's interviewee, you may not really know her (yup, at last, an interviewee that is a female!) , but she is actually a stock market analyst on InvestingNote. I first noticed her was when she posted her analysis of Sheng Shiong on InvestingNote. It was quite detailed and seems to have addressed some of the changes in Sheng Shiong over the last few years. She has also continued to contribute to several articles on The Signal Blog , which I felt were interesting and provide a good overview of the counters as well as its respective industry. Therefore, with this interview, I felt it will be good for us to know her better and understand her thought process when she invest or analysis.  Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview questions and her answers! 1. Tell us more about yourself and why did you join investingnote? Faye: My name is Faye Wang. I read economies in my undergraduate years, and found myself extremely interested in co

A Review Of The Recent Results Of The Small/Mid Caps In My Portfolio

Updated on 20 May 2017: I should have updated this earlier. I have actually sold off all of BBR Holdings Ltd on 16 May 2017. The main reason is due to my rebalancing of my portfolio. This is one of the counters that I had already made about 20% gain, so it seems to be good to liquidate at that point in time. The selling has nothing to do with the financials or fundamentals of the company.  Before I start, I like to apologize for the lack of post and updates on my TUB Investing Facebook Page and InvestingNote . This was because of my new role at work (I think I stated this before) and I was overseas recently. In addition, I will be on reservist soon. So the lack of updates will most probably continue. As per the title of this post, many of my small and mid caps has just released their most recent quarterly results (6 of them were released on 12 May!).  However, due to the lack of time, rather than a long lengthy analysis on each counter, I will be reviewing and commenting on the

Review of Singapore's Construction Sector - Part 3

Dear Readers, This is Part 3 of the Review of the Singapore Construction Sector - the final review of the trilogy. Part 1 was meant as a more qualitative approach, while Part 2 reviewed the counters via a quantitative approach instead.  For Part 3, it will be rather short. I will basically be testing each selected counter against, what I am known for , the Super Scorecard . Do read up on Part 1 and Part 2 here. So these are the scores for the selected counters - Are you surprised? Selected Counters Score via Super Scorecard DCF and Graham Method Valuation via Cash Profit T T J Holdings Limited 13 – PASS Fail Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Limited 10 – PASS Fail Keong Hong Holdings Limited 9 – PASS Buy – 0.958 and 0.479 Kori Holdings Limited 7 – PASS Buy – 0.481 and 0.654 Lum Chang Holdings Limited 6

I want to help.

This is supposed to be a post on the part 3 of the review of Singapore Construction Industry. But I came across this 2 articles and felt I had to write about it. Article 1:  Investors cry foul over firm's oil bunkering scheme Article 2:  Now, founder of collapsed JJPTR offers new scheme with 35% returns Why did people still fall for these scams? A conclusion I came across is that because these scheme was proposed to the potential investors as a "guaranteed return" proposal and people are seduced by the high returns. Another reason I came up with is these people do not have experience with other investment and are seduced by these "professionals".  My view is that if you have experience with investment such as shares investment, you will not be interested in these schemes. Thus, I decide I should try to do something about it. I was thinking of re-starting a Super Scorecard workshop. But other than just teaching people to fish, I will a