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Bag-holding Company 2: FuboTV Inc (FUBO)

For this series' 2nd post, I wanted to write about a different company. However, I was inspired to write about FUBO instead. After all, it is one of the companies on my old 10X Potential Series. Ironically, the only two companies in my 10X Potential series were the 1st two companies in this bag-holding series. Since FUBO announced its recent decision to shut down its gaming division, I honestly considered selling my entire position. After all, one of the reasons I initially invested in FUBO and continue to hold onto it, was the sports betting segment. Furthermore, I was reviewing another streaming giant. Financially, it was a much better company in terms of valuation. There are also many short term catalysts - (1) Recent Walmart+ membership partnership, (2) success of Top Gun Maverick, along with (3) their launch in Italy. Lets' not forget Buffet also took up a $3bn stake in the company. However, after watching these interviews ( 1 , 2 and 3 ) , and just 1  podcast from FUBO

Bag-holding Company 1: Digital Turbine (APPS)

Ok – I am starting a new series on the companies that I am Bag-holding . Every article is meant to be brief. With little mention of the fundamentals or valuation, I will concentrate on my justifications and the risks in the near term. This is because my average price will unquestionably be substantially higher than the share price at the moment. Thus, I'd prefer to instead concentrate on the qualitative characteristics of the company. The first company that I am will be reviewing is Digital Turbine (APPS). I used to be super bullish on this company and has written numerous articles on it. Although I am bullish right now, it would benefit me more if I bought the firm now at its current share price rather than holding it at my average share price, since I believe it is definitely much more undervalued right now! Logo taken from Digital Turbine Website Reasons for HODL-ing 1. Single Tap Growth.  Management has spoken extensively about Single Tap, with partners like Samsung, Telefonica