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What Are The Characteristics Of Your Portfolio?

I have been away for a while AGAIN . Many things happened. Basically, a lot of energy are spent elsewhere when baby turns toddler. When she gets older, I get older too. So, when it comes to writing, I just cannot get myself to do it. Anyway, recently, I was able to free up some time and space in my mind to write this article. Nevertheless, during this period, I have not stopped reviewing my portfolio and finding the 100x company since my 10x to 100xframework post . I realise that focusing on 100x made me become focus more on the share price, than the company – which deviate my focus away from some opportunities that I will have taken in the past. It made me think if this is a correct way of looking for companies to fit into my portfolio. That’s when it struck me that maybe I was wrong to focus on achieving 100x because that is based on share price. I realise I should be focusing on the CHARACTERISTICS of the companies instead of the 100x share price. Over this exercise, I a