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Free Cash Flow Is Going To Cost You

Investing can feel like you’re at war sometime. And while there are no silver bullets that can help you choose the best company to invest in, many (claim to) have found potent ammunition in free cash flow (FCF) .   FCF refers to the cash, a company has remaining after deducting its capital expenditure, that can be used to repays creditors, or as dividends to investors. At the risk of oversimplifying this, it generally measures what a company can return to its equity investors, if it has no debt — which is exactly what you are looking for as an investor. FCF is also a widely used metric in investment banks and hedge funds, making it seem like a reliable weapon to add to your arsenal for financial analysis.  Source: Yahoo Finance To me, it sounds more like a glamorous piece of silver laid in front of a trap. Just look at the top ad tech firms over the past 3 years. By accounting for this “trap”, many of the most attractive companies to invest in, such as The Trade Desk, sink into complet

Restarted My YouTube Journey

This is another delay in the write up. I was quite sick lately so there was a delay in everything I do. Still sick now, but slightly better. Its been 2 weeks since I started coughing (Not covid - tested numerous times) . Its probably due to stress at new work place, world cup late nights, my RED portfolio and restarting my YouTube Journey . Before I continue, please let me do a shout out to uSMART Securities . Really appreciate their gesture in sending me this Christmas log cake! Christmas Log Cake from uSMART Securities Currently they are running this interesting promotion: [If new subscriber] Sign up on the platform through my referral LINK .  [If existing subscriber] Then express your interest to participate in this new promotion by clicking here -  uSMART Interest Reward Promotion ! uSMART Interest Reward Promotion Now for the updates on my YouTube Channel.  This time round, I want to focus on small/micro/nano cap companies which I believe the market has inaccurately punished them