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2021 Strategy Series: Nutryfarm – AZT

Not Vested at Point of Writing and may/may not invest in it over the next 72 hrs. If you remember my strategy of my portfolio, I do STILL invest in SG companies. It is my form of recovery stocks or it acts as a hedge towards my heavily invested US growth stocks. In other words, rather than going to the US and find recovery stocks, I tend to prefer to find them in SG market here. So here I am going to talk about another company that I am still considering whether to buy in view of its recent run up. I got to know this company when a friend asked me about it. Part 1 – What the Company Does? Ignore what the company does in the past. Basically, to know this company. we should know what it could possibility become. This company will eventually become a trading firm to assist Thailand Durian farms to shipped their Durians to China. Yes and to repeat, the business will eventually become a trading durian business between Thailand and China. The reason for this is the change in CEO as of Jan 21

EV: The Amazing Race

 This is a short post on my upcoming webinar series on EV. Why EV? As stated in the previous post, EV contributes 2.5% of the total passenger vehicle sold in 2019 and 4.2% of the passenger vehicles sold in 2020.  I believe it has the potential to grow to 6.5% in 2021 and 9% in 2022 – which is almost 10m EVs – similar to the accumulative number of electric vehicles globally! In addition, there are over 1.4 billion vehicles as of 2018. Imagine if all the vehicles change to an EV, the Total Addressable Market will be huge! We will also be discussing on Apple whom is rumored to join this race! The webinar will be conducted with Lyn of Lyn Trading Club (within InvestingNote) . We will discuss about the EV sector and its companies within this sector using FA + Story + TA!  The webinar will be conducted this Saturday, on 27 March 2021 - from 2pm to 4pm! If you are interested to hear more about the EV sector and the amazing race through the use of FA + Story + TA, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! If y

Venture Out And Explore

This actually did not catch my eyes today. After all, the portion of my SG stocks are my hedge against my US growth portfolio. It’s maxed out. However, JR_Chai asked me if I am writing a piece of article on this. This triggers some opinions in my head and I told him I will probably post them out tonight. Warning: This is an opinionated piece. Please do not proceed if you have a heavy weightage of SG Blue Chips in your portfolio. … … … Ok I already warned you. So what is “this” that I mentioned previously? This is the new proposal that Capitaland has put up today.  As per CNA article , it states that “CapitaLand, majority-owned by Singapore state investor Temasek, announced on Monday (Mar 22) plans to split itself into two in a strategy aimed at pursuing growth as an asset-light company. It is proposing to inject its real estate investment trusts and investment management unit into a separate listed Singapore entity and place its real estate development business under a Temasek unit. Th

2021 Strategy Series: Nio Inc. - NIO

Vested with an initial price at US$43.85. Electric Vehicle (EV) is the talk of the town. I am sure most of us have some form of EV related companies in their portfolio. I do have more than a couple of EV companies in my portfolio – the last discussed CRNC is one.  *Do note that I am still holding onto CRNC and APPs despite the last market correction. Today I will be discussing another EV company today – It is a China EV company that promoting a very unique proposition – Battery As A Service. My average share price as of today is $32+. It is a controversial pick – especially by one who emphasize on Fundamentals. But I believe my explanation below will allow you to understand why I choose this company as an investment. Part 1 – What the Company Does? Taken from one of its press release, “NIO Inc. is a pioneer in China’s premium smart electric vehicle market. Founded in November 2014, NIO’s mission is to shape a joyful lifestyle. NIO aims to build a community starting with smart electri

Buy The Dip? Ask The Men In Suits.

Not sure how the market will be doing at the point of you reading this. I could be late in writing about this. Nevertheless, I thanked for your time in reading.  I will be writing to explain about my opinions about the continuation of the  current dip.  So... here we go! Definition: Men In Suits sit behind the computer and work in the hedge funds, the institutions, the investment banks, in Wall Street, etc Expectations   I have watched many Youtube videos on the dip. Many explained about the yield and inflation, which was explained in my previous post .  But if we think deeper, the reasons behind the dip is all due to the EXPECTATIONS from The Men In Suits.  They expected the inflation to arrive in the future. Thus, that is why many of them wanted higher yield for super long term bonds. Why will they want to be something that will give us 1.5% when we know the inflation in the long term is 2%? This make sense.  However, as an average joe, I don't even know what will I be having fo