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uSMART - The SMART-er Plan for the uncertainties ahead!

In our previous article from April , we covered how uSMART is a fuss free trading platform suitable for investors. Recently, uSMART has further upped the ease in which a young adult can invest through their new SMART Plan feature. It is our belief that the best way to learn about investing and financial markets is through putting your own money to work. However, as a new investor starting out, you have experienced: Minimum fees being charged forming a huge proportion of your investment quantum and The inertia of logging into a trading platform at regular intervals, and manually keying in orders each time you want to make an investment. The SMART Plan helps you overcome these 2 main hurdles to enable a smoother and more efficient investing process. uSMART SMART Plan uSMART SMART Plan is an auto investing feature within the uSMART platform that helps you to invest a fixed sum on a regular basis, allowing you to steadily build up your investment portfolio, even if you do not have a huge l

A Company To Hold During A Recession!

As stated previously, I wanted to write about this Singapore civil construction firm that is almost a net-net firm, which I currently already owned. Although it is in a very unpopular industry that is deem to be low margin, but there are a lot of positive for the company going on right now! The reasons are as follows: 1. A Profitable Company with its Market Cap is below its Net Current Asset Value. This meant that its current asset is able to cover all its liabilities and is still very close to its share price! In addition, the company is profitable with no debt. Balance Sheet taken from its latest HY report 2. Almost S$1 bn of order book right now! The company was recently awarded 2 civil construction contracts that bought their order book to almost S$1 bn! Civil construction projects maybe deem to have low margins. However, this order book should be seen as a positive tailwind given the company is an experienced civil contractor and these projects are tied to the Singapore Government

Opportunities in Big Tech Companies!

Fed just increased interest rates by 75 basis points yesterday, with a potential fed rate of 4% to 4.5% by year's end. Yesterday's market was highly red as a result of this. However, I believe that this time is ripe with opportunity on the Big Tech firms. It has been some time since we seem such low valuations for the Big Tech firms. Image from faangpath website In my opinion, there will still be a year-end rally in 2022 because of the mid-term elections on 8 November 2022 and the World Cup on 20 November 2022 . As a result, this increases the allure of these Big Tech's current valuation. At the end of the day, if there is a short-term rally, I think the Big Tech companies will recover the quickest. Even without a rally, holding onto these Big Tech firms in 2023 may be preferable if a recession does happen. However, given that we were aware that Big Tech companies have repurchase programs in place, why has there been no support from these companies? One of the reasons I re

Portfolio and Life Updates

Hi Everybody, My last article was almost two months ago. Numerous things had occurred and much had changed. In July, I switched to a new start-up. Even though I had only been there for two months, it had already felt like a long time. My brain cells were nearly completely depleted each day due to the fast-paced work environment, which is why I lack the energy to do anything after work. After work, I essentially felt like a zombie. Hopefully, as I get used to the fast-pace environment, I will be able to find more time to write. In addition, there was lately another family emergency. But now everything is back to normal. These experiences have made me wish to spend more time with my loved ones each day once I go home. Thus, there is even less time to blog. But today I did manage to find some time. So let me update my portfolio since it also underwent numerous adjustments. Before that, I'd like to thank uSMART in advance for the mooncake, cup, and plush dolphin! The soft toy is a big