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All Other Big Ideas

Before I start introducing my other big ideas, I like to first say thank you to SGX for inviting me to their Mid-Year appreciation dinner. It was really an honor to be there with many other established bloggers. During dinner, they introduce that SGX Gateway will be quite interesting in the 2nd half of the year. Lets' look forward to it! Furthermore, I also like to thanks my readers who had liked my Facebook Page. It has now reached more than 1,000 likes! Really Appreciated! Now back to the main topic...  It is time to introduce my other big ideas. The reason why I decided to talk about my remaining big ideas, because I will be revealing my portfolio updates in the next post and everyone will know all the companies in my portfolio. Thus, this will be a "touch and go" post on the remaining Big Ideas. Big Idea 5 - This idea can reveal in a picture. Big Idea 6 - This idea has been written by Stock Research Asia  recently. The positives

I Am A Financial Blogger

This is another short post and it is more of a personal matter/opinion. Nowadays, if people contact me on LinkedIn or if I went for a chat on a new role, I am very upfront in telling them that "I am a financial blogger and I will like to continue writing". However, I realised this has become a deterrence for me to proceed further with the chat or with the people who contacted me on LinkedIn. I can sort of understand why people prefer not to hire bloggers - Because they do not know what we will eventually write about and whether we will be revealing any insider's news on our blog. For my current employer, I am not sure if they knew that I am a blogger. However, I did not reveal this at the initial chat because I just started blogger for about 1 year then. But now that I appear in public for some of the seminars, I believe I should be upfront about this hobby of mine. Nevertheless, it seems like this form of honesty and integrity has not much value a

How Do We Measure A "Moat"?

I believe many of you, similar to me, have your minds on World Cup and your portfolio have taken a back seat. After all, with the trade tariffs news ( US and Europe , US and China , US and Canada ), Fed rate hikes , and ECB to phase out QE at the end of the year, I have major doubts the share prices will rise back next week. STI have also fallen from 3,385.71, as of 26 Dec 2017, to 3,356.73 as of 15 Jun 2018. This is the first time in 6 months that STI have fallen below the 26 Dec 2017 level. In addition, we are also having the "sell in May and go away till November" effect and most probably the World Cup effect. So in order to sleep well, how should we invest? I always felt investing in fundamentally strong companies that is constantly able to generate good earnings will generally help retail investors to sleep well. In order to do that, Simple Investor and I created Fundamental Scorecard website. As of this month, Simple Investor has continued to improve his F

A Short Short Post

This week, I just have some thoughts. It wasn't a good feeling when I stared at my portfolio that has been in red since many months ago. I am still fine with the red portfolio - down about 4.3%. However after Trump's recent G7 summit's chaos , I really start to believe we are in a bit of a s*** for at least till end of the year.  In addition, now that we have a world cup coming and more interest rate hike. I believe the volatility will be significant. Or probably a redder portfolio in the next few months. Now that I have said it, I hope everyone will be prepared for what is coming. Nevertheless, I doubt we will see a major bear but a continuous playful bear for the rest of the year. That's all for this short post. Maybe its time to ignore everything and just focus on what's important - The World Cup ! World Cup 2018 Oh... and do remember, please like our Facebook page ( T.U.B Investing ) and follow me on InvestingNote .

Big Idea 4

I bought a new company and announced it on my Facebook Page recently. The overwhelming likes made me revealed the company at that time. Thus, there was a dilemma in me whether I should announced why I bought that company or talked about the other company which I had re-invested in Jan 2018? I decided that the latter - The company that I had re-invested in Jan-2018 - will be Big Idea 4 . I have written quite a lot about this company and invested in it slightly before April 2016. I sold the last of their shares in Dec 2017 at its peak and almost a 2-times bagger, after the company divested its main business and announced a mega-dividend. After the price came down, I re-invest in the company. Reasons Why This Counter Qualifies as a "Big Idea" 1. Most "Liquid" Balance Sheet Based on the above information: Net Current Asset Value - $0.522 If we take Financial Assets and Other Receivables into account, the Net Asset Value will rise to over $0.648. Thi