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I had a reader that was asking if there was a way to subscribe to my Blog.  This was difficult as Blogger do not have such a widget in place anymore.  As I was digging through the net for a simple solution, I realize I already have an existing subscription service through the Medium Platform . Instead of just ignoring the platform (since I already had some subscribers) , I decided to convert my profile on the platform into a subscription service. If you like to get the latest update of my Blog,, feel free to subscribe to my TUBInvesting Medium Page .  Therefore, if I wrote any new article on the blog, I will also be posting an update on Medium (similar to that of a standardize landing page) with a LINK which will bring you to the new article in this blog.  Once again, I appreciate and thank you for the support!

10X Potential Series Will Be Going Back To

Hi Readers of my Blog and the 10X potential series on Medium, I will like to announce that I will be reverting back to writing solely on  and will stopped writing on the Medium Platform. The sole reason being it is more rewarding (in terms of $$) when I write on my blog with Google Adsense rather than the Medium Partner Program. The ROI is at least 5 times higher if I compared my earnings. Thus, if I place more emphasis on the Medium Articles but the ROI is lower, it just does not make sense. With this change, there will be benefits for You and me : 1. I don't need to focus on 2 platforms. I can just continue to build on this website and hopefully I gather more readers in future. 2. You get to read everything for FREE . There will be NO PAYWALL . Furthermore, do not worry about being unable to locate the articles if you solely wants to read about the 10X Potential Series.  I have create a tab  on Top allocated for the 10X Potential series - where I have gather all

Updates On My Top 10 Positions & Where The Funds $ Has Gone To

I will like to do an update today. It is probably one of the worst start to a new year for my portfolio. My Estimated Performance for Past Month Just take a look at my estimated* performance. At the start of the year, I was performing slightly better than S&P500 and now I am down 12.07%. *Do note that the returns include options. Nevertheless, being in this market for over 10 years, I probably felt that I became a true investor over the last 2 years. In fact, I believe I matured much more over the last 3 months.  I personally felt that one can only see the growth of an investor in the darkest times.  "During the bull market, the hardest thing is to sell. But even if you sell, you still make money.  But during the bear market, the hardest thing is to think rationally. It is not even about what to do, but it is what to do based on the situation you are in." This is definitely one of the darkest time for me as an investor. In the past, during a bear market, I am always think

Just Like To Say Thank You!

This is a post to say "Thank You to all my supporters, readers and followers!" Because I got my Google Adsense back under my regular TUBInvesting Blog   (Not a lot, but better than nothing) ; and I am also officially a partner under the Medium Partner program for my spin off series - The 10X Potential . Do note that, if you like to continue to read freely, you can also read up to 2 articles (written under the medium platform) for free that is behind a paywall every month.  If you like to support me and sign up, please also understand it is US$5 per month. In future, I will be writing about the companies which I believe has a 10X potential in this spin off series. Each company will probably be written over a series of articles. The final 2 articles will remain behind a paywall until I do another update on the company.  Furthermore, if you like to follow me, I am have a Tubinvesting FB Page, a Tubinvesting twitter account and also a telegram group called Fundamental Scorecard

The Great Correction Of 2022

If you are invested in the market, you will have felt the pain that Fed had inflicted on us when their minutes were released early in the week and definitely a great "start" to 2022. Is this the Great "Correction" of 2022? You may asked.  In my opinion, we should have expect 2022 to be worse off rather than better with all the tapering and interest rate hike and also probably LOTS OF DOOMSDAY ARTICLES. If you believe the interest rate hike and tapering are priced in, it is probably not. Because when the heavy selling ends for the institutions, that is when the selling for retailers just get started. But who am I to predict what may happen? If you have joined my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, you will have read about my sharing of my opinion of the market in 2022.  Basically, my only conclusion is "There will be dips. Cash is King." So what can we do in 2022 in order to ensure our portfolio do well? 1. More Thinking, Less Actions - Find out more abou

Types of Acquisitions

I have recently saw some comments that Digital Turbine (aka APPS) grows its revenue through acquisitions. In my opinion, this comment is a bit short sighted.  In every acquisition, I believe, as investors, we must be able to find out what do the new company brings to the table.  There are many reasons a company makes an acquisition. It could be for the technology capabilities, for the patents, for the know-how, for the talents, for the customers or entering into another industry. But eventually, it is the expectations that it will lead to a higher revenue in the future. In my opinion, there are 2 basic type of acquisitions:  (1) An acquisition that expands a company's TAM within the same market.   This type of acquisition tends to expand the company's future revenue through the newly acquired customers within the same market.  Note that the green portion is expected to be the future revenue. (2) An acquisition that brings a new market to the company This type of acquisition ten