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My Thoughts On SG Banks and SG Investment

While I informed of my friends a possible correction ahead this week and the month ahead, one of them asked me if the SG banks will be falling as well?  I gave him a long message and it goes like this: "In US, the economy is protected via the stimulus. So when the 2nd stimulus is taking so long, economy get worse In SG, it is a bit different. We are protected by government in terms of everything, to the point have keeping our job. We are in a bubble wrap economy in SG. For example, just look at SIA, if government did not even come out with the stimulus plans, so many people will be out of job. The fact is - once this bubble is POKED and it will burst, the banks will be the 1st to hit. Big time. There are really many policies that is protecting everyone - like the wage credit scheme, the temporary covid-19 act that allows deferment of loan payments, forbearance of loan payments for mortgage, Temporary bridging loan by Spring Singapore (90% risk sharing), etc. Banks knows this and i

A Comparison For Fastly, Cloudflare and Limelight Networks

My Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group and Facebook Readers will have gotten this information 1 day earlier. But nevertheless, here it is for my blog readers. The above pictures shows how Combined Scorecard of Fundamental Scorecard Website can be used to accelerate choosing between Fastly, Cloudflare and Limelight Network quantitatively. Generally, in the 4 quadrants, it is indicating that Fastly and Cloudflare is definitely more better choice over Limelight Network. In terms of income statement, Cloudflare and Fastly is similar. But in terms of balance sheet, Fastly is better by a mile in terms of its cash balance and debt balance. Even on a NAV level, Fastly is better. Nevertheless, Combined Scorecard looks solely on Companies on a quantitative basis. This will allow us to have more time to compare the companies qualitatively. That's what Fundamental Scorecard Website is trying to do - To Fully Maximize Utilizing All Your Resources! Do note that the above pictures do not show

I Traded 3 Companies Recently.

I am going to start a new series on the US companies that I am holding.  But since this is first post, being the start, I will just be controversial a bit. I will be talking about some companies that I no longer hold. Or rather I traded them within a very short time span with the help of my TA guru friend and my Fundamental Scorecard's Combined Scorecard - Check out the revamped website now! Having called myself "TUBInvesting", but ironically I traded some companies recently. It was actually quite an experiment for me.  There were 4 companies provided by the TA guru friend. 1 of them made it to become a longer term holding of 3 months to 6 months (which I will make a video on it) . Therefore, I will be talking about the reminder 3 companies in this post. In addition, I like to add that since quantitatively I was able to depend totally on the combined scorecard results, I had more time to research on the qualitative stuff. These research came out 1 or 2 days of free nigh