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An Interview with the Stanley of "Value Invest Asia"

I met Stanley at an meet up organised by InvestingNote previously. Both of us arrived fashionably late and I was quite surprised when he introduced himself. This is because, at that time, I was already following Value Invest Asia Facebook Page and reading about their regular write-ups. Through our conservation, I find out that he is also a CFA and is very knowledgeable about valuation techniques. I also understand that he is also writing on a book - "Value Investing in Asia : The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia" - that will only be launched in November. You can read all about it on Book Depository and Amazon . I can't wait to get my hands on it! Let's not also forget - He has also just conducted a seminar with InvestingNote  and I can't make it due to "permission not granted". Nevertheless, it seem like those that attended the session has found it to be fruitful. Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview q

This is the "Tech Firm" I invested in!

It has been some time since I wrote anything. I have ideas for articles but I do not have the time to write! My life has just been too busy lately, especially when there is an increase in workload and also preparation for my new home.  Furthermore, " Battling on 4 fronts " has also kept me to be on my toes. At least 1 battle is over and I had 4 lots of Netlink Trust. Another battle will end soon and hopefully the outcome will be favorable. As of now, I hope you will spent some time reading about this new counter that I added in the last 2 weeks. I have stated that I was was looking at counters within the technology sector when I wrote that article about FANG and BAT . So while searching for such technology counters within SGX, I decided to purchase this counter instead, which is still technically a traditional company (with 92% of the revenue coming from its traditional side of the business) . But its expansion into the technology side of the business is amazin

Cryptocurrency - For The Daredevils Only

Having read about cryptocurrency on Straits Time ( 1  and 2 ), I think it is widely misrepresented.  There are some truth in these articles but I believe the concept of asking people to invest in this product is simply just wrong as of NOW. Reasons being: 1. Marketing being root of all evil. I think cryptocurrency is a disruptive technology on cash. But people seem to have misunderstood the use of cryptocurrency. It started as a form of payment and not investing. But a lot of websites started marketing it as a form of investment product (due to cryptocurrency being subjected to free market forces) and people started to buy to keep. But it is technically useless if a cryptocurrency becomes super expensive. If a bitcoin is $2k currently, what can you use to pay it? Use bitcoin to buy diamond? Or buy a loaf of bread? 2. Bubble Creation In addition it gets too expensive, the product will create a bubble. A very dangerous bubble because it is not backed

Battling On 4 Fronts

Other than busy with changes in T.U.B Circle and Super Scorecard , I have also gotten my keys to my HDB BTO flat. Thus, these few weeks I will be extremely busy and I apologize for a lack of updates in this blog. But don't worry, as the post on the upgraded scorecard and the post on the new "technology" counter that I invested in will be out soon! Nowadays, market has been stagnant and at times, seems to be on the downtrend. Many of my watchlist counters' prices are at very tempting level for me to enter. But my portfolio is currently already engaged in 4 different "battles"! Battle 1 - Netlink Trust IPO Application This is the first time I tried applying for placement shares. Thus, I have to allocate some cash for this battle. If I am not allocated any placement shares, then I will apply for the public offer. If this was a week earlier, you will hear me saying that I will not be applying for this IPO. However, this IPO seems like it will be

FANG and BAT - A Must Know In 2017

Do you know what is FANG and BAT? Do you know them? If you are currently reading this via my facebook page, you will already be using one of them. FANG is currently the acronym for four high performing technology stocks in the US market – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (now Alphabet, Inc.). On the other hand, BAT is currently the acronym for the 3 top technology stocks in the China market – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. I believe the following technology stocks should also be mentioned – Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and Netease. If you still do not know any of them, you should know them now. After all, I believe one way or another, you will have already used them directly or indirectly. This is the year where everything seem to be involved with technology. After all, technology brings about efficiency. Furthermore, I believe, from the way these companies are innovating and improving, it is really hard to really come up with a share price for each of them. Afte

3 Things I Learnt About REITs Masterclass

When I was approached by Chlorophyll Inc to help them review about their REITs Masterclass course, I am actually quite reluctant. This is because I do not really invest in REITs and I am more interested in capital gain. Furthermore, B has also gave his review . Therefore, I wondered what else could I offer to the readers? Nevertheless, I decided to give the course a try in order to become a more "complete investor" and also hopefully to provide the readers with another perspective of the REITs Masterclass course. Since I had completed the course, here are 3 things I learnt about REITs Masterclass: 1. Not Only About REITs Investing Even though this course is focus on how to choose the best REITs to invest in, but the information taught can be easily use on non-REITs investing as well. As the course teaches you how to look at REITs from its business model and structure, this can be also used in how we analyse the companies from its business point of view, rather