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A Thank You Post

This dedicated post is for those that went over to support Simple Investor and I at Invest Fair! It was a great success! Thank you for coming! Feedback from the crowd are taken seriously. Simple Investor and I will continue to improve in order to provide the best for subscribers. Anyway, interestingly, this event also open my eyes to the 4 different group of investors. 1. The Informed Ones There are many uncles out there who just invest in REITs and dividend-paying stocks. They explained to me, because of their age, they just want to collect dividends. I am not against this way of investing. But in my opinion, it will be still good to diversify 10% or even up to 20% of your portfolio in other companies. 2. The Newbies  There were also many people who want to learn to invest or want to invest. Some were at a loss and do not know where to start - probably downloading the InvestingNote app is a good 1st step. Others probably needed more help in terms of looking at f

My Long Term Returns

This will be some sort of revelations for on my portfolio. I had never really documented down my long term returns as compared to the market. But while calculating today, I just felt maybe it will be good to put on the record of my past returns till 25 Dec 2017. Why 25 Dec 2017? If many of you remembered, I restarted my portfolio  on 26 Dec 2018. So from then on, the calculation restarted as well. Before I continue, I like to inform my readers that Simple Investor SG and I will be presenting our latest scorecard system at Invest Fair at Suntec tomorrow (25 Aug 2018) within the InvestingNote booth at 11am and 3pm. If you cannot make it for that timing, Don't Worry. We will still be there between 10am to 5pm on Saturday. Back to the main topic... In the past, I had 4 different portfolios to test out different strategies over different period of time. Thus, I will compare my long term returns (including dividend) against that of buying a STI ETF over a similar period. D

A Collaboration with InvestingNote

It has been another 7 to 8 days since I blogged. Firstly, I didn't do so well at the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenger. It seems that trading is the way to go. But never mind, I am not disappointed. Since I am never/yet to be at the leader-board, let me show you what I bought. Anyway, I did think about it - I could possibly liquidate some and buy AEM for example. But I guess I just want to stay true on my strategy and theory . Oh well, as per Benjamin Graham said, "In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine." So lets go back to the main topic... Remember the collaboration I was talking about when I complained "Time not enough"? Yes... at last, Simple Investor and I had launched our collaboration with InvestingNote after several months of discussion! Its called " Moat Scorecard " ! It is basically a scorecard theory where we quantify moats of over 600+ companies within SGX. Each

Let's Try Our Best!

Update: Due to 2 of my choices' share price are less than 20 cents (1 of them being the unstated new Big Idea), they are not part of the stock list. Instead, I will substitute them with 2 other Big Ideas that seem to be on a downtrend. I had joined SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge competition, which will start tomorrow. Image Taken From InvestingNote Although I have stated previously that I will just join for fun and doubt that I will win, but since I have registered, I decided that I should just try my best. But how should a long term investor be investing for just 2.5 months? My Strategy: Firstly, I will still be sticking to my Big Ideas Investing Theory strategy. This is because I don't think an investor can change their strategy in such a short time. Furthermore, if I purposely change my strategy just to suit this competition, I feel I will be "cheating" myself and my readers. Secondly, having already released my 9 Big Ideas and, out of the 9 Bi

Update For My Readers

There is just not enough time for the roles that I am currently taking on – Blogger, Co-founder of Fundamental Scorecard and Investor/Fund Manager. Furthermore, I will also be working in a new fintech environment next month. With this change, I am trying to catch up on my reading to gain more knowledge in this new area. This is a new challenge for me and I am really looking forward to it. And… I will also be having a new collaboration soon! With limited resources (time) , I seem to be too diversified - similar to my past portfolio. With each additional role, less time is spent in the previous role, resulting in producing lower quality "products". If I want to improve, I will need to be more focus. With this new perspective, I decided that I will be putting more effort towards my Fundamental Scorecard subscribers as well as on the new collaboration that I am working on. (For the new offerings, I guess only the subscribers will eventually know.) NEVERTHELESS, THI

My Faith Has Paid Off

Today, I will like to talk about my holding in  Quarterhill Inc. Before I continue on the main topic, I like to inform the readers that I will be joining the SGX Bull Charge Stock Challenge . Although I maybe putting my reputation on the line, and I will most probably lose as the tracking period is only 2.5 months, but I will just join for the fun of it. I will try my Big Ideas Theory Strategy with a slight tweak for this competition. In view of this, I will probably reveal some of my Big Ideas. Stay tuned! Image Taken From InvestingNote Back to Quarterhill Inc... As per Wikipedia, Quarterhill Inc. (Quarterhill) is formerly known as WiLan Inc., and it is a Canadian public technology holding company, based in Ottawa, Ontario. It was founded in 1992 as a wireless technology company. In the mid-2000s, it gradually transitioned into a patent licensing company. In 2017, it renamed itself Quarterhill, and is attempting to become a holding company specializing in the Internet