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An Investor's Take on Trading

Rather than stating about my thoughts, I decided to tell you my experience today. Long story short, the night before this fateful day, I read that MFS Tech was going XD (after a capital reduction) the next day and I was tempted to buy into the stock when the market opens the next morning. A short calculation shows that its value per share is about $0.005 per share. I was prepared to go in at $0.003 or $0.004 per share The next day, when the market opens, this stock when down to $0.005 then up to $0.010. Then the rollar-coaster started. At 0.028, I decided to enter into this rollar coaster ride.  Here is what happened to my trades: You must be very confused about what was going through my head when I was keying in my Trades... Am I crazy? There were cancellations of buy and sell orders... what really happen? The main reason was I am unable to put in a price that I was able to justify. During the whole rollar-coastor ride, I was trying to justify

USP Group Limited - My Major Bet On Discount To Net Asset Value Again...

Sorry but I have been extremely busy lately, thus the lack of posting. Anyway, as you should have read, I am exploring a new way of looking at investing – Deep Value Investing. I will only be allocating about 10% of my portfolio to this portion of investment. BBR Holding Ltd is one of the examples. For stocks in my portfolio that pass Triple S Scorecard or of Blue Chip Status, I realise that they are meant for the LONGER TERM. It’s wise to just ignore them for now and not actively monitoring them. However, for an investor like me, I am always tempted to look at the stock market regularly, especially for news update. Thus, I felt it is better to have a separate account for stocks that are invested meant for active monitoring. For me, these stocks are my Deep Value Investing Stocks – They are did not pass Triple S Scorecard and do not consist of any Blue Chips, but they are at least 40% discount to its Net Asset Value with a catalyst or a reasonable business model.

An Interview with "B"

This is a new series that I will be doing - either to get people to put up guest post or doing interview with bloggers. Today, I have the honour of interviewing "B", the owner of blog, A Path to Forever Financial Freedom . His blog first caught my eye cause of the way he invests and the goal of achieving financial freedom. We seem to be on the same path but different ways and different methods. At times, he will provide his comments on my facebook posts and his comments are always very insightful. Without further ado, let's get straight to the interview questions and "B" answers! 1. Tell us more about yourself B: I am a full time salaried employee working in a logistic industry in the accounting/finance department aiming to achieve financial independence at the age of 35. At home, I am a father of one and I enjoy activities such as reading, traveling. 2. How did you get into investing? B: The idea of passive income hits me hard to get started and mot

The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views - Post 7

I guess it is time to update my portfolio after an "action packed" February. The total number of stocks when from 20 to 25! There is a number of reasons behind it: - I started looking at companies with Price to Book Ratio at less than 0.500. For these companies, I am looking more at Net Asset Value with a very big margin of safety. However, these companies most probably will not pass my scorecard or may have huge debt. For these companies, I am expecting "High Risk, High Returns" and I deem them as "Deep Value Stocks". - Although STI has fallen ridiculously low (prior to the recovery), but how many blue chips can you buy/average down (since our funds are limited)? So I decided to try to find "other stocks". Thus, I started on the journey to find "Deep Value Stocks". - I realised companies that pass Triple S Scorecard is rather stable and consistent. They will not rise significantly nor fall drastically, especially duri