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2021 Strategy Series - 15 Must Know Points of Digital Turbine (APPS)

Vested with initial price at US$38.30 and average price of US$52+. I have already written 2 posts on Digital Turbine (aka APPS) .  Click on the tags below of this post to read my previous write up. But I believe this will be the most important post as I highlights the information you need to know before 1 Jun 21.  APPS is one of my 2 major super conviction companies and my 2nd largest US market position.  So here are the 15 points... 1. This post is time sensitive as APPS – they have delayed and will be announcing their results in 1 Jun 2021 (US Time) . 2. As per their press release, the rescheduling of its conference call and webcast is “to accommodate certain scheduling matters, including the anticipated completion of a recently announced acquisition.” In my opinion, this is highly possible to be Fyber.  3. If that is the case, there will be a dilution of shares. As per CEO in the latest Needham Interview, “…Fyber will receive $400 million worth of Digital Turbine stock based upon th


The investing world has become ridiculous. The economy and the market is no longer moving in concurrence. As of 2021, it become so obvious the retail investors are at the mercy of the institutions, hedge funds, and investment banks. When the men in suits decide to sell growth buy value, the whole market change. Then came the bitcoin rising to over $50k and then dropping to $30k Then I heard people started losing money. 10k, 30k, 50k, 100k, etc. Then now it is back to almost 40k.  On a side note, do you really know what bitcoin is being used for? Why does everyone always forget about the most basic fundamental question?  Oh…and then I recently realized someone went into a scam. He can still tell me – “oh I don’t know anything on the finance portions. I leave it to the broker.” Omg… Then, when I speak to some of them, I will try to find out how I can help. I give them some guides. Eventually I will also ask them if they want to try Fundamental Scorecard. Then they all wen

Guest Post: Review of moomoo by Futu SG - The current best platform for investing in SG/US/HK stocks

This is a sponsored post. There are a few new entrants in the local trading platform scene over the past few months, and the latest challenger we have is moomoo powered by FUTU SG. After using it for the past few months, we find that this is the best platform out there if You are investing extensively in the SG/US/HK stock market . Futu Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“Futu SG”) is a capital markets services licence holder regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Licence No. CMS101000) . Futu SG's parent company, Futu Holdings Limited (“Futu”) , is backed by world-class investors which include venture capital affiliates of Tencent, Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners. The moomoo App is a trading platform offered by moomoo Inc., a subsidiary of Futu. In Singapore, investment products available through the moomoo app are offered by to Futu SG. The reasons behind our moomoo powered by FUTU SG recommendation is that they are the best in-class in terms of: • Customer service and proces

2021 Strategy Series: Nutryfarm – AZT (Post 2)

This is a continuation from my 1 st post on Nutryfarm – AZT . After the post, I went into the company with my initial purchase at S$0.405 after the write up was published. I have been, on an overall basis, accumulating the company with an average share price of S$0.375. Note that I have stated I have 2 portfolios in the last post and this company is in the SG and US mixed portfolio. Anyway the company recently reported their half year report and an update on durian business. In short, for the half year report: Revenue increase 615% for the 2 nd quarter FY21 as compared to 2 nd quarter FY20. 2 nd Quarter FY21 is the first quarter (since don’t know how many quarters, but at least the last 3 quarters) that the company became profitable. This was mainly due to the new CEO onboard and their durian business that they went in since the 1 st quarter FY21. As for the announce of the update on the durian business: This paragraph caught my eye. “…Reference the announcemen

The 10x to 100x Framework

Firstly, I like to apologize for my slient lately. I just came out of my hibernation after finishing the 100 bagger book by Christopher Mayer . If you have read my 28 April post – I am getting slightly tired of the market. I probably need some new excitement in my stock investing journey. Thus, one of my friends introduced the above book to me.  I had not read in some time, so the book came at the right time. In addition, I decided to proceed to read the book because it seems to suit my current mindset right now – finding a great company and hold on to it, without significantly monitoring the market. Basically, focusing on monitoring the company instead of the market. Furthermore, as usual, whenever I get new inspiration, I will try to provide my own opinion and create it into my own framework. Yeah… I do this all the time… Please note that I have 2 portfolios – 1st one is mixed SG with US companies. 2nd one has 90% US companies. This framework will be solely for the 2nd portfolio and

2021 Strategy Series: Palantir Technologies - PLTR (Post 2) + Thoughts On Investing

Warning: This post is not for you if you do not have an open mind. Aside to the regulars readers, I don’t know what came over me recently. Maybe I am older now. So I am more confrontational. If I think I am right, unless proven I am wrong, then I think it is very important to stand by what I said. On my last post, there are some hate coming from various channels on my observation and opinions on Palantir. I did not expect this much hate from my current post as compared to some of my previous posts. Thus, I felt its important to clarify. But I am not trying to clarify to justify my piece. It is for (1) I think I need to record this down as a post for myself to remember and (2) I think its important to let people understand that ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to investing. Then again, if you are don’t mind being an average, you can continue to think ignorance is bliss. And then again, if you want to be an average, why not just focus on the index funds or Ark Invest? Don

2021 Strategy Series: Palantir Technologies - PLTR

Vested with an initial price at US$22.25. This company came out of nowhere, went on a direct listing and caught everyone by surprise. I remember the marketing was that this company helped the US government catch terrorist . At least that was what I remembered. I was a bit turned off by it. This made me lose out on looking at this company at the initial very low prices. Nevertheless, after an extensive review on the company, I decided that this is a company that one must have for a long-term investor. Part 1 - What the Company Does? So the company is Palantir Technologies . I believe a lot of people do not invest in Palantir because they do not understand their business and product. I agree it is hard to understand the products they sell. Thus, let me use some human language to explain the company to you. I will leave the product to this extensive piece written by Sgstockmarketinvestor. On the other hand, let me explain about the company to you. It sells 2 platforms – G