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Bye Bye 2016 ~ Welcome 2017!

This shall be the last post for T.U.B Investing in 2016. This blog grew bigger in 2016 and I really appreciate everyone who read and commented. Without you, I will never be where I am today in this blogging journey. To recap, here are some of the interesting things I did in 2016 as the writer of T.U.B Investing: 1. Started a Triple S Scorecard Online Course with Stockflock. This was the initial start of the sharing sessions. Still remember the feeling I had when there were people who are interested in the Online Course. 2. Did an interview with "B" . After that, I never did another interview because I started to engage in other "projects". Will try to restart this in 2017. 3. A review of my Triple S Scorecard Stocks after almost a year and the enhancement to the Triple S Scorecard . Up till today, I still believe the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard will have been the most important factor I have created during my investing path. 4. The start of the 1

My Roller-coaster Ride with Sabana REIT

Before I start, it will be good to note that I am a noob at REIT. I have not come up with a method of how to value REIT. So read this with a pinch of salt... Prior to Sabana REIT recent rights issue, I have always kept a watch on it. Although I always understand how lousy the Sabana REIT management team is, I still feel there is always a price for Sabana REIT.  Furthermore, I am always trying to be contrarian. Thus, with Sabana REIT having so many empty units, dividend will shoot up if part of these empty units were rented out. Thus, when Sabana REIT announced the rights issue, I decided to purchase some of its "mother shares" (Actual Sabana REIT shares, not the right issue shares) . This is the start of my roller-coaster ride... With the confirmation of my purchase of the mother shares, I started to feel nervous as I saw the price keep dropping.  Then stupidly, I bought more at the lower price to average down.  Soon, the news and comments on Sa

Additional Consideration For The Plan Since Fed Raise Interest Rate

As announced on 15 Dec 2016,  Fed raises interest rate . There was also some indication that it will continue to raise interest rate for 3 times in the year 2017. Do note that "debt" stated in this post below relates to "bank borrowings" and "interest bearing debt". How will this impacted my plan? For those companies that are significant leveraged, their net profit will be impacted negatively. This will created a downwards pressure on their share price. In the aspect of these companies' cashflow statement, more cash will also be required to either "pay off the debt" or "pay off the financing cost". This will result in less cash being used to pay dividend. Thus, dividend yield maybe reduced in future and share price will most probably be affected. So what should I do? I will be including "debt to equity" as a major consideration of my future purchases. This will lead me to shift more significantly from leverage

End Year Review of The Value Portfolio

It has been a long time since I wrote anything on The Value Portfolio . Nevertheless, this should be the final review of The Value Portfolio in 2016. Before that, I will like to state my expectation for the next year - I want to achieve a gain in excess of 10% for The Value Portfolio in 2017. This may not be significant to many, but I consider this to be really tough considering how our economy has been performing. In order to achieve this target of 10% gain, I believe I should focus much more on capital gain rather than dividend gain. Therefore, in addition to my plan , I will be adding an extra factor into consideration when I purchase any counter: a Catalyst.  This catalyst is suppose to allow its share price to increase significantly in the next year. Nevertheless, I will not be ignoring dividend too. Companies that I invest in should continue to provide an acceptable dividend yield (at least 3% to 3.5%) . This is to protect my downside in case the company's share price