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TTJ Holdings Ltd - Another Long Overdue Update

Another reader was requesting an update on TTJ Holdings Ltd. So here is the overdue post on TTJ Holdings Ltd... Please read the previous post for more information first on 28 Sep 2015. Based on the Triple S Scorecard: Although I suffered paper losses, but... 1. Cash is King - The company is still loaded with cash. As usual, having cash is important especially during period of downturn. 2. Order Book - For a construction firm, order book is important. Currently the company has an order book of $126 million with completion up till FY'18.  3. Able to Maintain Net Profit Margin - If you look closer at the profit margin breakdown above, the company is able to maintain it at 10% for the last 5 years. This is spectacular for a construction company, especially during these down times. 4. Future Projects - With so many infrastructure projects coming up, the company may have the possibility of getting more projects in future. Thus, increasing their order book

Chuan Hup Holding Ltd - An Overdue Update

It has been a long long time since I did any update on Chuan Hup Holding Ltd. The last post was dated 13 September 2015. I will not be long winded and talk about Chuan Hup Holding Ltd (Please read through the previous post) . Based on the Triple S Scorecard: Although I suffered paper losses, but... 1. Still very rich - The Group still has $93.442 Million in cash. Note that although most of the cash is still with PCI Ltd, but Chuan Hup Holding Ltd can request for high dividend from PCI Ltd. The Group also has investment securities, which can be easily converted to cash. During this downturn, the Group can also utilized the cash and purchase many undervalue assets. 2. Pass Triple S Scorecard - The Group still pass the Triple S Scorecard with flying colours. Based on the current lower price, it fares even better. 3. Dividend of 1 cent - We should still expect a fixed dividend of at least 1 cents from the Group. Although this is just 3.7% of dividend yield, bu

BBR Holdings (S) Ltd - Full Year Results Out

This will just be an extremely short post. In addition to the previous post , BBR Holdings (S) Ltd just announced their full year results. - Revenue dropped considerably. - Net Profit dropped significantly. - Dividend dropped half.  - And also hearsay "the company sold their leasehold property at a low price and buy back at high price"... However I am vested in this company due to its discount to net asset value. Current Price: 0.161 as of 21 Feb 2016 Please do your own due diligence before you invest in this stock. Do note the author is vested in this stock/company at 0.165.

TalkMed Group Ltd - An Amazing Net Profit Generator

After writing about BBR Holding (S) Ltd , I got a request from a friend to review on TalkMed Group Ltd. He said it was my "kinda" of company. Thus, I look at its latest financial report and it got me interested. Profile In Short TalkMed Group Limited is mainly involved in providing cancer related medical services and operates a network of 8 clinics in Singapore. Recently it has collaboration with overseas companies (Hong Kong) to expand their services and also went into Stem Cell and Stem Cord services. (At this point, I am already at "WOW"!) Based on Triple S Scorecard: It failed - despite showing that it had a strong balance sheet and good earnings ability. This is most probably due to the price being too high. Why So Good? Medical Services - The company mainly provides medical services and research mainly related to cancer. This business is very lucrative and you should understand why. High Net Profit Margin and Strong Bala

BBR Holding (S) Ltd - Significant Discount To Asset Value

Due to the extreme downtrend, I started looking at companies with asset value that are 50% more than their share price. While searching, BBR Holdings (S) Ltd appeared in my list.  Profile In Short The BBR Holding (S) Ltd engages in the general construction, specialized engineering, and property development businesses. The company’s General Construction segment offers design and build, general building construction, and civil and structural engineering construction services.  Its Specialized Engineering segment is involved in the construction engineering activities, including piling and foundation systems, post-tensioning, stay cable systems, heavy lifting, bridge design and construction, and maintenance repair and retrofitting, as well as prefabricated pre-finished volumetric modular construction activities.  The company’s Property Development segment engages in the development of residential and mixed commercial properties. Its Green Technology segment is involved

The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views - Post 6

Before I provide any update on my portfolio, I just want to apologized to my readers. I really felt that my last post about the "entry prices" or even the last few posts about "my strategy" is a bit  "rubbish" as I seem to rush though it. I seem to be caught in volatility of the recent stock market turmoil and didn't think too clearly about what I should be writing about. As stated before, I want to write my view on each company and allow readers to understand how the usage of Triple S Scorecard will help you as an individual retail investor. Thus, I will try to stay "focus" for my future posts. So now back to the main topic - my portfolio is still down an average of about 10%. Hopefully you are performing better than me. The following stocks are in my portfolio: 1) ISDN Holding Limited 2) Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited 3) PNE Industries Limited 4) Chuan Hup Holding Limited 5) LHT Holdings Limited 6) TTJ Holdings Limited