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Last Article of An Extraordinary Year in 2020

For the last article of this extraordinary 2020, I like to discuss about a future new trend that will be very interesting in the US Stock Market, as well as the fact that I have been disposing OCBC for another STI component which I target for 2021.  Let’s look at the new trend first… The New Trend for the US Market It is what I called the igaming/sports betting trend . Basically I believe that companies involved directly or indirectly in the sports betting scene will grow significantly in 2021. The reasons are as follows: 1. New Jersey Supreme Court Ruling If we look prior 2018, Sports betting was illegal. As per article , it was “after New Jersey's Supreme Court victory in May 2018, any state that wishes can legalize sports betting”. Thus, since then, many states have proceeded to legalise sports betting. 2. Covid-19   Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the process of state government pushing ahead to legalise sports betting. The reasons were simple – for taxes. As per article , with t

If Only I Am More Successful...

Sometimes, I blame myself for not being successful enough. Because if you are, maybe more people will listen to you. In Sep 2020, I put out a few post to inform people not to ignore STI ETF. 5 Sep 2020 -  The Risk Of Passive Investing In ETF 8 Sep 2020 -  If I Had To Choose - STI ETF or One of its Components? If you had enter on 4 Sep, you will be sitting on around 12% gain in almost 2.5 months? On 24 Sep 2020, I had also inform readers of my actions to purchase more US Stocks . Since then US stocks has made an amazing comeback! On 27 Oct 2020, I also inform readers of my thoughts of using SG as a hedge to my US Stocks. I also informed them to enter slow and steady, with caution. If any one of you had read and taken action, please comment on the post, on my FB page or just share this post. The fact is if anyone had taken action, they will be sitting on some gains now. But if you are in FOMO (Fear of missing out) mode, please switch out that mode and look at your cash pile. It is impor

Macy's Inc Analysis Came True?

US Stocks has been rising significantly! It was on FIRE ! Firstly Biden beat Trump.  And then on 9 Nov 2020 -  Vaccine hope increases significantly! Then BOOM! The US market went crazily green . Then Macy's Inc went up significantly! Screenshot from SeekingAlpha Just a recap - I uploaded a YouTube Video on Recovery Stock and also my selection of Macy's Inc as a company to purchase. In the video, I also did a SWOT business analysis! In addition, I also did a fireside chat on FB Live with JR_Chai where we chatted about the Investment Landscape and the sectors I am investing in. During this session, I also explained on my investment in Macy's Inc. So with the sudden share price gain, can I equate that my Macy's Inc analysis was spot on?  MAYBE. After all, without the analysis, I will not have the conviction to hold on to the company when the share price went from US$7 plus to almost US$6.  Nevertheless, as Investors, we must stay realistic and understand luck does play

Save Time On Quantitative Aspect of Investing Using Our Combined Scorecard!

It has been a long while.  At last, YES, it is back!  We are re-launching our Fundamental Scorecard Website ! After a really really long time, we have re-created a NEW Combined Scorecard where we combined the Ultimate Scorecard, the Full Analysis Scorecard and the Moat Scorecard into 1 SINGLE SCORECARD REPORT where everything we believe are important are in just 2 pages! Parts of the Combined Scorecard is in this post . You can also find parts of the Combined Scorecard from 3F Brian's Post in his blog and also on this post on his Facebook Page ! Read the guide below to understand more! I believe you definitely still have questions for us, thus we will be having a webinar to discuss Fundamental Scorecard and the Combined Scorecard on: 6 Nov 2020 (This Upcoming Friday), 8pm to 9.30pm.  On Zoom.  Click on this LINK on Friday to join us in the webinar!

My Thoughts On SG Banks and SG Investment

While I informed of my friends a possible correction ahead this week and the month ahead, one of them asked me if the SG banks will be falling as well?  I gave him a long message and it goes like this: "In US, the economy is protected via the stimulus. So when the 2nd stimulus is taking so long, economy get worse In SG, it is a bit different. We are protected by government in terms of everything, to the point have keeping our job. We are in a bubble wrap economy in SG. For example, just look at SIA, if government did not even come out with the stimulus plans, so many people will be out of job. The fact is - once this bubble is POKED and it will burst, the banks will be the 1st to hit. Big time. There are really many policies that is protecting everyone - like the wage credit scheme, the temporary covid-19 act that allows deferment of loan payments, forbearance of loan payments for mortgage, Temporary bridging loan by Spring Singapore (90% risk sharing), etc. Banks knows this and i

A Comparison For Fastly, Cloudflare and Limelight Networks

My Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group and Facebook Readers will have gotten this information 1 day earlier. But nevertheless, here it is for my blog readers. The above pictures shows how Combined Scorecard of Fundamental Scorecard Website can be used to accelerate choosing between Fastly, Cloudflare and Limelight Network quantitatively. Generally, in the 4 quadrants, it is indicating that Fastly and Cloudflare is definitely more better choice over Limelight Network. In terms of income statement, Cloudflare and Fastly is similar. But in terms of balance sheet, Fastly is better by a mile in terms of its cash balance and debt balance. Even on a NAV level, Fastly is better. Nevertheless, Combined Scorecard looks solely on Companies on a quantitative basis. This will allow us to have more time to compare the companies qualitatively. That's what Fundamental Scorecard Website is trying to do - To Fully Maximize Utilizing All Your Resources! Do note that the above pictures do not show

I Traded 3 Companies Recently.

I am going to start a new series on the US companies that I am holding.  But since this is first post, being the start, I will just be controversial a bit. I will be talking about some companies that I no longer hold. Or rather I traded them within a very short time span with the help of my TA guru friend and my Fundamental Scorecard's Combined Scorecard - Check out the revamped website now! Having called myself "TUBInvesting", but ironically I traded some companies recently. It was actually quite an experiment for me.  There were 4 companies provided by the TA guru friend. 1 of them made it to become a longer term holding of 3 months to 6 months (which I will make a video on it) . Therefore, I will be talking about the reminder 3 companies in this post. In addition, I like to add that since quantitatively I was able to depend totally on the combined scorecard results, I had more time to research on the qualitative stuff. These research came out 1 or 2 days of free nigh

You Should Probably Do This Now Too!

Hi, I am back.  I was finding inspiration from my chats with my members of the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group. There were some but it wasn't great inspiration. So I continued to do my YouTube Videos instead. Yes, I have a YouTube Channel . Please subscribe, like the videos and comment! However, a recent comment stating that I was clever, made me happy enough and provided enough inspiration! Haha... In my last 2 posts, I talked about entering STI Index or purchasing SG Blue Chips companies. If you have done that and are scolding me because STI  ETF has fallen (from 2.531 to 2.480) , please look at the US Markets - Especially those hyped up Tech stocks. Yes, US Indexes have fallen off the cliff where climbing strongly for a while. This has change the mood in the US market - People are sharing that they are deleting their Robbinhood App in order not to see their losses/the up and down of the market. OMG?! Seriously?! US Indexes Honestly, if you have average down any of your hold

If I Had To Choose - STI ETF or One of its Components?

It has been a while since I wrote so often. While I talked about the Risk of Investing in ETF in the last post , I particularly mention about STI ETF. So I thought I should clarify my position and also address a particular question that I believe members of my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group will be interested (And maybe you who are reading this post). While everyone is busy looking at the US market tonight, I am writing about STI ETF. While everyone is raving about S&P 500 rising from the dead, here I am writing about STI ETF which is trying to go lower everyday. To start off, I don’t disagree in investing in US markets now. In fact, I encourage it. But one must make the purchase with the mindset that “this could be a permanent loss of capital” (Atas sentence cause I watched too many Guru Youtube lately) . So you should only press the buy button IF you know the company well enough. This has also been what I have been preaching to everyone in the Fundamental Scorecard T

The Risk Of Passive Investing In ETF

I suppose I will get a lot of backlash for writing on this topic. But I felt really important that I must address this - The risk of investing in ETF. So if you have been in my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group or my Facebook Page , you may have seem what I wrote. The first conversation was someone asking if I will sell my OCBC shares. As I quote and edited some of my words from the Telegram Group: "No. This is a bit different when I sold all my starhill reits. REITs business, in my opinion, is only 1 way. Thru Rental. So at that time when lockdown happens, I think for very long, then I decided to sell. For a bank, bad times and good times, there are ways to earn. Is only how much. Plus provision is expected. Maybe another point is core competencies.  I work in Financial institution all my life. So I do know how they work. Another point is at that time, I was wondering if the opportunity cost for holding starhill is high. You see in the lockdown if I deploy funds to US, I will

Dissonance and Consonance

Many moons ago, when Covid-19 had not hit our shores, I believe that there is definitely some value that Technical Analysis can brings to Fundamental Investor like me. It may be possible to allow me to find better entry and exit points. After all, I have seem numerous of my exits going on to higher level after I exited. One example is Trendlines. On the other hand, I also believe that if a Trader trades a fundamentally strong company, it can provide them some leeway if they miss out on certain actions - Like stop loss. This is because you will be holding on to a fundamentally strong company.  In addition, even if the trader misses an entry price, he can always plan the next entry price for the same company - just because the company is fundamentally strong and has a chance of bouncing back. Nevertheless, the truth is I was never able to get myself to learn about Technical analysis. It was not my forte. As we fast forward a few moons later, Covid-19 landed on our shores. Market went cra

QAF Ltd's Sum of Parts Valuation in Apr 2020 and Aug 2020

 Vested. Probably of Biased Opinion. I made 2 videos on QAF Ltd in April 2020 and August 2020.  In the first video (my first ever Youtube Video) , I discussed the business model in detail and provided a valuation at that point in time.   In the 2nd video, I reviewed its financials and provided an update on the valuation. 1st YouTube video was made during the Lockdown Period in April 2020. Then I made the 2nd YouTube video as of today. In both videos, I discussed about the valuation based on the Sums of Parts method. Generally, in April 2020, I believed QAF is worth S$1.12 per share. As of Aug 2020, I calculated QAF being worth S$1.27 per share. If you want to know how did I achieve these figures, do click into the links to view the explanation in the YouTube Videos! Please also subscribe to my channel , like, share and comment on the videos.

When You Know You Are In Love...

When do you realise you were in love with a company:  when the analysis you did was full of risks and you said its seem fine,  when the competitor share price beats 52 week high and your company is flat maintaining 52 weeks low, and you said fine, when you said their new business has some sort of potential and you are willingly to wait for it, when you realise you may want to sell and you feel you felt so heartbroken, when you know this is the US market and you keep saying their quantitative numbers are significant undervalued. Yes. I will do it tonight. Bye bye my beloved. Nevertheless, it really makes me feel LIKE SHIT yesterday and last night I went on a spending spree . Sounds like someone who is trying to walk out of a heartbreak.  Everything started yesterday as I wrote out my thoughts which I shared with my Fundamental Telegram Group Members and on my TUBInvesting Facebook . "Good morning everyone, just some thoughts... I dont know why the US market is still so resilient.

Trying Out A New Broker - Tiger Brokers

This is a sponsored post. Recently my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group has been raving about this relatively new brokerage in town. They called themselves Tiger Brokers . Upon further clarification, I realised they are a listed Chinese entity in Nasdaq – UP Fintech Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: TIGR) - with a market cap of US$905m. Initially, I was still rather skeptical, but after knowing that they are licensed and regulated by MAS, as well as several positive comments from the other members, I decided to give them a shot. An interesting point to note is that I had already open an account with Tiger Brokers even prior them approaching me for this collaboration. Having said that, this is also my 1 st ever sponsored post because I only write about platforms that I have personally tried and liked. Do note that prior to using Tiger Brokers, I was using “a certain bank” brokerage account for US stocks. Even though this is sponsored, but I had actually plac

The Next Tech Supertrend - The Little Known Company

Hi all, It's been a while since I posted something on the blog and the YouTube. I have actually prepared the information for this video a long time ago. But I was extremely and was only able to post it now. Yes...I have finally reveal a little known company that is involved in this Tech Supertrend significantly. Rather than writing extensively on this company, I made the following video and included all my reasons on investing in this company. Watch this video as I end the series on The Next Tech Supertrend. More interesting series coming along! The Chosen One If you are interested about Fundamental investing, do join us at Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group.

My Research on Growth Investing and Avoiding Value Traps

Recently I conducted another solo webinar on my research on Growth Investing. It was advertised strictly for the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group. If you are interested to join our future webinars, do join us through this link . Turnout was good until my daughter off my internet halfway through the Q&A. Haha... For those that missed the webinar and is interested in my take on Growth Investing, here is the recording of the presentation. It is about 30mins long. Thus, I did not include any Q&A. I basically had research into the Price to Sales Ratio and explained about my criteria. Growth Investing Youtube Link In addition, I like to share a generic question that our previous Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group Webinar had. It was a question on avoiding value traps. Hear from Simple Investor , Kelvestor , JR_chai and Wolfof HougangStreet (as well as mine) on our views on how to avoid value traps in the video below. Value Trap Youtube Link If you ar

Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group 1st Webinar

Yesterday, Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group had our 1 st webinar. It was a great success with over 90 participants. We had 4 prestigious speakers presenting on different topic.  XH / WolfofHougangStreet presented on his Simple Investing Framework. Its definitely a detailed framework to follow!  Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group Webinar – XH – SimpleInvesting Framework   Jimmy presented on portfolio management. There is always new stuff to learn! Wow! Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group Webinar – Jimmy – PortfolioManagement Kelvestor presented on Importance of Patience . This is definitely something I have to practise more often! Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group Webinar – Kelvestor – Importanceof Patience   John / Simple Investor spoke about The One Book All Investors Must Read. And it is not a story book! Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group Webinar – John / SimpleInvestor – The One Book All Investors Must Read If you

The Next Tech Super Trend

Hi all, Recently I have been looking at Macro Trends and, in my opinion, I have found this tech to be the most important for the next decade. Thus, I have made 2 videos about my thoughts on this technology. By the way, this series is meant as a trilogy - the final part will be the company I chose (Its a US company). Nevertheless, from my understanding, for the SG companies involved in this Tech Super Trend will be the Telcos, Netlink Trust, Powermatic Data System and Nico Steel. Let's go to the videos! Part 1 Part 2 Please subscribe to my channel and thumbs up for the video.  Please also feel free to join my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram group. We talk about everything under the sun about investing with a focus on US, HK (slightly lesser) and SG companies.

My 1st YouTube Video!

Hi Readers, I have been wanting to try out the YouTube Platform. So during the circuit breaker period, I used some time to come up with my 1st YouTube Video ! Please support and like the video , and subscribe to the channel (1st try, give some face lah...) In the video , I discussed on my upcoming plans during this Covid-19 period and also a deep dive into a core position in my portfolio. The core position is the Left Back in my soccer team strategy . Appreciate your support! Feel free to join my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram group . We talk about everything under the sun about investing with a focus on US, HK (slightly lesser) and SG companies.

Peter Lynch 1994 Lecture

What can we do during "Work From Home" WFH period? As per Simple Investor always tells me - "read, read and read to gain knowledge". However, I realise my attention span cannot last for many books (1+ books at most). Thus, I turned to YouTube to gain more knowledge or rather to regain/remember what I should be practising. During this Covid-19 crisis, everyone will be confused about the economy and what they should do. I am no difference. Nevertheless, watching this YouTube Video helps me clears some confusion. Some information that I gather from the video: 1. If you like the company at $10, you should like it even more at $6. 2. You should know your company and be able to explain to a ten year old why you bought the company in 5 mins. 3. Volatility is good. 4. Focus on your core competencies. 5. Understand how your company will perform in year 5, 6 and 7. 6. Something bad is always bound to happen. 7. Focus on facts.

Looking Back And Moving Forward...

Hi all, If you were a constant reader of TUBInvesting Blog, you will have noted what I have done since Oct 2019. 1. I restarted my portfolio - meaning the share price of all my companies were stated as of the date I "restarted" the portfolio. 2. I started a Crazy Portfolio - aiming for significant 400% in 10 years. This plan is to make enough capital gain for my daughter's future. I am no Guru. Thus, I had to give myself more time to hold onto the companies to watch them grow. 3. The Crazy Portfolio was aimed to be more focus on the US market. I did that till the crisis came along. Now it has become more focus on SG market. (SG/US/HK = 60%/38%/2%)  4. I wrote an article that Intrinsic Value is subjective and we should not be conservative about it. 5. I went on to borrow an amount I believe I can repay fully when I realise I am almost fully vested at the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Nevertheless, I believe I have roughly about 20% of cash now since I sold s