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Review Of Value Momentum Workshop

I went together with Simple Investor for Heartland Boy 's seminar on 21 Nov 2017 evening.  I was interested in his investment theory – Value Momentum. After all, he had a picked a few exceptional winners over the last 3 years. Before I continue, I just want to say that I did met Heartland Boy at the Invest Idol competition previously. Although both of us did not make it to the final, he did left an impression on me. I am not sure if his theory started then, but at that time, I already felt that “this guy do know his stuff”. Eventually, at this seminar, he continue to show me that he does know his stuff WELL! Picture taken from InvestingNote's Blog - The Signal Blog The seminar started with Heartland Boy explaining he is a self-taught investor and his “Value Momentum” theory basically came about from reading Adam Khoo’s Winning The Game Of Stocks. In his words, this theory was basically 80% fundamental analysis (FA) and 20% technical analysis (TA) . This

Reverse Take-Over Situation

When a company engages in a RTO exercise, it is not necessary a cashing out opportunity for the new owners. To them, it may be just a valuating activity. Normally for RTO, you will hear the "circus" behind the team. There will be quite a lot of news on them so people will know this counter and push up the share price.  But what happens if the RTO doesn’t have any "circus", especially on the fact that it is so hard to find information on the company that is intending to take over the listing? Does this meant that it is some sort of shady business? What is it all about? That’s when the investigator in me came out. Recently, I got caught in this mode when I wanted to invest in a company that is currently in a RTO exercise now. The propose RTO has not been completed. Thus, I will not be stating the company’s name. I will just name it “ABC”. Nevertheless I will be putting up information on this page which are public information on SGX and the net, wh

A "Rubbish" Company

Nowadays, my analysis of counters is fast and easy with the help from Fundamental Scorecard website . I used to require hours to analyze counters. But with the website, all I need is "time on the bus in the morning" to decide on a counter. I will even have extra time to look for additional information - especially those qualitative information. Anyway I had wanted to write a review of all the counters I wrote in 2017. But I decided to write a review of this counter instead that I bought 2 weeks ago, during one of the morning on the way to work. I had actually targeted this counter MANY YEARS AGO when it was still 15 cents. However, I was stubborn and only wanted to purchase it at a lower price. To my dismay, it's share price just kept on climbing. After a few months, I reach a conclusion then that its share price will never go back to 15 cents and I completely ignore it ever since. Share price shot up! It was only until recently that it caught my attention aga

It Is About Time Someone Wrote About This Company...

Being a blogger and yet an investor of this company, I met Reyna at the Invest Fair 2017. She is the Financial PR rep office of The Trendlines Group Ltd (aka Trendlines) . Even though she is not a direct rep of Trendlines, she was able to answer my questions very clearly. This was unlike the other companies there whose employees are unable to answer some of the simple question I posted. She impressed me with her understanding of the company and I immediately went back and bought Trendlines' share – a small portion but this is a start. Then 1 week later, she actually invited me to Trendlines' management briefing. I agreed straight away. So guess what happens after the briefing? I bought more of Trendlines after the briefing. The reason is because despite having 2 CEOs, Todd Dollinger and Steve Rhodes, they seem to be able to complement each other very well. In addition, they were upfront, honest and were able to articulate their strategy very well to the

There Are No Gurus...

Before I start talking about the main topic, let me conclude a happy event this month. Simple Investor SG and I had just completed our 2nd Value/Growth Investing Workshop . Although the room is a bit tiny, but everyone turned up. There was even an uncle that came all the way from Hong Kong, which was a nice surprise! Back to the main topic... This post is basically inspired by SG Thumbtack Investor's article . He talks about people reporting huge gain this year and explains that if it was just a 1 year huge gain, investors should not be not happy. This is because they forgot about the power of compounding. He went on to explain that if an investor makes 20% every year for the next 35 years, he will make more money than someone who has inconsistent gains ranging from negative 10% to 60% every 5 years. On the other hand in a Facebook group, BIGS World , there were people questioning about the probability of making 20% every year. But Brian posted a picture stating these supe

Looking Forward To This Challenge!

It has been some time since I talked about any counter. So I decided to talk about a counter I recently purchased. Before I go into the details of the counter, let me explain what had happened recently. Gain of 30% within 3 Months Based mainly on the recommendation of the Ultimate Scorecard, I purchased Miyoshi Limited at $0.066 in August 2017 without going as in-depth as I wanted to. At the end of Oct 2017, I sold all of Miyoshi Limited at $0.085 per share – a 30% gain within 3 months. I understand I told many that the Ultimate Scorecard required users to hold at least 4 months, but if you already had enough gain, why not just sell it?  Change of Investment Strategy I have also posted on InvestingNote  recently that I made some observations of my portfolio. At last count, my overall gain is about 18+% for my portfolio as a whole. But I have actually 4 sub-portfolios and their respective gains are 13%, 14%, 33%, and 17%. At the start of 2017, the sub-portfolio with 33%