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The Value Portfolio - Recent Actions and Views

I’m back. I’ve been too busy at work and have no time to blog. When it’s the time to blog - Everything turned red. Thus, I end up using the time to review my portfolio and the potential companies I can invest in. This time round I will list down all the companies I have a stake in: ISDN Holding Limited Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Limited PNE Industries Limited Chuan Hup Holding Limited LHT Holdings Limited TTJ Holdings Limited Accordia Golf Trust M1 Limited Singapore Telecommunications Limited Sapphire Corporation Limited SEMBCorp Industries Ltd Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund Suntec Real Estate Inv Trust Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation SATS Ltd CH Offshore Ltd Maxi-Cash Financial Services Corp Ltd (I have been told by many gurus that I am too risky when I realise my holdings in my previous post. Hopefully this revelation will ease their worries. In addition, I will proceed to explain why I invested in each individual companies when

The 5th "An Evening With AK & Friends" (1 August 2015)

Yes I went for the 5 th Session of “An Evening with AK & Friends”. Unlike some of you, this is my first time going for this session and I really appreciate the knowledge that was discussed during the 3 hours session. Basically it was a session talking about CPF, Insurance (By Christopher Tan from Providend Ltd) and “AK talking to himself” as usual. (Note: I am not a very good writer and never really take any notes. So I will just write from my memory and in point forms.) Firstly we talk about CPF, Medisave, CPF Life and Minimum Sum as follows: CPF SA has a guaranteed 4% return (as of now) – 1 of the best risk free return out in the market.  Medisave Life – It is a better form of Medisave that do not discriminate between illnesses and will cover your whole life. Minimum Sum - This is the most interesting part of the discussion. It is stated that the minimum sum, currently at $161k, will increase 3% every year so that everyone can have at least 650/mth t

The Value Portfolio

At last, time to talk about my Portfolio... A few facts before I start on the exciting stuff: Invest/Trade with only what you can afford to lose – so that you must be prepared to loss all before putting your hard-earn money in. This is to curb against the emotions of accepting losses and looking at paper losses. Invest in Companies and not “Short Term Trading” – This meant that I look at the companies, business model, financials and not just the charts and price. Min Technical Analysis – I still look at charts and try to avoid a company whose share price recently rise significantly, or another that’s at a 52 week high. Portfolio Action and Not Monthly/Daily Action – I invest via a pool of funds. For example, if the fund size is $10k, this meant that I do not try to buy shares for the portfolio by adding more cash to the portfolio. Any increase in the portfolio should be due to the share price appreciation or dividend given. Resources are limited – This makes you select you