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The 3rd Happy Event This Month

Other than the happy events that Ellipsiz Ltd announced special dividend and it became a multibagger for me, as well as the successful launch of 1st Value/Growth Investing Workshop and Fundamental Scorecard website, there was another happy event this month. Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd (CH) announced its full year results on Monday.  As predicted, it gave out special dividend - 1 cent ordinary and 2 cents special!   That's more than 10% dividend yield for anyone that bought it recently. For me, I have been loading up on this counter since start of August this year. I buy until it became the top 3 of my holdings (despite the fact that I have 20+ counters currently and many are blue chips) . My small saving in SRS account also contains solely CH. Glad it repaid my faith. Other than my prediction of the special dividend, the other reasons I continued to purchase the counter was because the Ultimate Scorecard say so! As Simple Investor SG and I were building

Launch of Fundamental Scorecard

On 26 August 2017, Simple Investor SG and I conducted our very 1st Value/Growth Investing workshop and this is also the event where we launch our very own database website, Fundamental Scorecard . The event was a success as everyone who came seems to gain some useful insights, and to our astonishment, the sign up rate was rather high. Furthermore, we have also invited some prestigious guest to our event, such as Christopher of Growing Your Tree of Prosperity , Brian of A Path to Forever Financial Freedom , Richard of Invest Openly as well as friends from InvestingNote were there. We were just glad they agree to come and wanted to get some feedback from them. Nevertheless, to our amazement, they have already written very positive reviews of the event and the Fundamental Scorecard. Write up by Brian of 3F: Write up by Christopher of Growing Your Tree of Prosperity: http:/

A Case Study On "How To Use The Ultimate Scorecard"

Sometimes when you start to see other counters rise while yours just "relax one corner and lay there", you will start to doubt your method. Regardless of how much you believe in your own method, you will be tempted to do something about it.  Mr Market will sometimes test your emotions as well - Making you feel worried because they decide to flood the market with a lot of RED numbers. Nevertheless, when you hold your ground and continue to believe in yourself, Mr Market will suddenly reward you for your consistency and patience. Ellipsiz Ltd (aka Ellipsiz) is a very good case study.  I bought Ellipsiz a long time ago when it was just 30 cents.  Today, Ellipsiz just announced a good set of full year results with mouthwatering dividend. 6.5 cents of dividend in the 2nd half of the year - that's about 9.7%of dividend yield against a current price of $0.665. If we include the full year dividend of 9 cents, that's about 13.5% of dividend

My Greatest Invention - The Ultimate Scorecard

With the launch of the Value/Growth seminar and the up-coming database website, I believe many of you will want to hear me discuss  about the new changes in my scorecard – Currently my greatest invention – “The Ultimate Scorecard” . Seriously it is hard and harder to come up with new name for my scorecards, hopefully this will be my final enhancement. Prior to elaborate further on the scorecard, it will be good to note that, in view of my up-coming database website, I will not be distributing any of my old or new scorecards anymore to members or non-members. Lets' get back to the main topic... What has changed in the Super Scorecard to have to rename it the Ultimate Scorecard? 1. Removal of Items in the Super Scorecard Firstly, all the subjective questioning at the start of the scorecard has been removed. This will be eventually be up to individual understanding of the counter.  For example, I used to remove China companies from my analysis. But

Our 1st Value/Growth Investing Workshop

Although I have already conducted a few seminars this year, it is been a while since I have an actual sharing session. But with the creation of our upcoming database website , Simple Investor SG and I felt that we should not be just be marketing the website without doing more. Thus, we will be conducting a Value/Growth Investing Workshop together with the launch of our database website. This Value/Growth Investing Workshop focuses on  the core concepts of Value and Growth Investing. By combining real life experience with the backbone of each investing style, this workshop aims to bring investors back to the basic and focus on what is really useful. Furthermore, I am also glad to have my friend, Poh Lin , to share a useful topic on "What your insurance agents are not telling you". The details of this investing workshop is as follows: - Date: 26 August 2017, Saturday Time: 9am to 12.30pm Location: International Plaza,  10 Anson Rd,  #36-05A , Singapore 07990

An Interview with a Financial Service Agent

Having done many interviews with bloggers and other exceptional retail investors, I thought it will be a fresh change to have an interview with someone in the financial service sector. Furthermore, T.U.B Investing is always about stocks and investing, so talking about personal finance will be hopefully bring about something different. Therefore, I decided to interview my friend, Poh Lin (Poh) . Other than being my financial service agent, he is also my ex-colleague, a fellow investor and a very good friend. Currently he is also a collaborator for my investing workshops, such as the one that will be coming up this month . Thus, do take note that the 1st 20 mins of all my future workshops will mostly probably be taken up by him. When I knew Poh had become a financial service agent, I started asking him more about insurance. The most interesting thing that happened was that I decided to have a review with him and end up cancelling some of the insurance I had instead of buy

Want I Really Wanted To Do...

When I started this blog, I just wanted to share what I knew about investing. But as I got more involved within the investing scene in Singapore, I felt that there was a lack of understanding towards investing. Scenario that I came across resulting in me having these thoughts: 1. Investors start asking if a particular hot counter (that is no longer hot) can be invested, because its price has suddenly dropped. 2. Investors wanted more returns. This resulted in them getting scammed by others as they go for impossible guaranteed returns unless the person is Warren Buffett . 3. Investors just want hot tips - Buy or Sell. They just don't want to do due diligence. 4. Investors just follow others and buy the hottest counter at that time. Later not, they forget to sell and cannot bear to cut loss. Therefore, being a more experience investor, I just wanted to find more ways to help others . Thus I created my scorecards and upgraded them till The Super Scoreca