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The Next Tech Supertrend - The Little Known Company

Hi all, It's been a while since I posted something on the blog and the YouTube. I have actually prepared the information for this video a long time ago. But I was extremely and was only able to post it now. Yes...I have finally reveal a little known company that is involved in this Tech Supertrend significantly. Rather than writing extensively on this company, I made the following video and included all my reasons on investing in this company. Watch this video as I end the series on The Next Tech Supertrend. More interesting series coming along! The Chosen One If you are interested about Fundamental investing, do join us at Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group.

My Research on Growth Investing and Avoiding Value Traps

Recently I conducted another solo webinar on my research on Growth Investing. It was advertised strictly for the Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group. If you are interested to join our future webinars, do join us through this link . Turnout was good until my daughter off my internet halfway through the Q&A. Haha... For those that missed the webinar and is interested in my take on Growth Investing, here is the recording of the presentation. It is about 30mins long. Thus, I did not include any Q&A. I basically had research into the Price to Sales Ratio and explained about my criteria. Growth Investing Youtube Link In addition, I like to share a generic question that our previous Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group Webinar had. It was a question on avoiding value traps. Hear from Simple Investor , Kelvestor , JR_chai and Wolfof HougangStreet (as well as mine) on our views on how to avoid value traps in the video below. Value Trap Youtube Link If you ar